Spring/Summer Lawn Collection 2014 by Mausummery

Competition surfaces amongst all living things- it could be merely for survival, for dominance or to make one’s own niche. Competition either brings out the best or the worst in people; it depends solely on the person and situation in question.

Women are thought to be as the most competitive in terms of ownership of possessions or in work places. They strive to create a mark and will not stop at any cost to be led down in a work or project. In social groups and gatherings, women tend to face competition from known friends, acquaintances and colleagues in terms of wardrobes or fashion styles.

Now a woman will not take it lightly if anyone dares put a finger on her fashion sense, style or ensemble, which is one reason why, they will go out and shop till they drop leaving no stone unturned. And why not shop? After all the work and effort women put into creating blissful homes or working and managing homes at the same time, they do need to pamper themselves.

What better way of spoiling women than letting them splurge while shopping for this summer seasons collection? One must agree that the prices for lawn collections have gone through the roof this year. Every bit of fine detail and work on the lawn collection is exquisite and aesthetically appealing to the targeted women, but somewhere along the fashion statement, it tends to hurt the pocket as well.

Given the numerous numbers of brands being launched, competition is high but nowhere are the prices anywhere near coming down. After all exclusivity comes and is perceived by the huge price tag on items. It is a simple mindset which cannot be altered. It is ingrained and is most certainly there to stay for now at least. As far as the shopping for lawn is considered, there will be women who would pay attention to their pocket size before going out and even they would have a heart to adorn the latest lawn fads.

Lest the season goes by and the exhibition ends, women should head to the Mausummery. Unstitched lawn ensembles from Mausummery boast a bright gorgeous colour palate which will add tons of elegance to the wardrobes, but in a decent and affordable price range.

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None of the women will be left without the lawn collection for this season because Mausummery has made sure of that with its affordable yet extremely stylish collection. The lawn collection consists of vibrant colours denoting spring which can be easily carried out by women and girls of all ages.

Ideally lawn collection from Mausummery will fit the budget and allow women to splurge without the additional feeling of guilt. Head out before the entire stocks are cleaned up!


Spring/Summer Lawn Collection 2014 by Mausummery is available in Defence and Clifton at following locations:

  • F-23, 1st floor, Dolmen Clifton Mall, Sea View. 021-35294278

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