Staff’s Family Gala at Defence Authority Country and Golf Club

A colourful Family Gala for the staff of Defence Authority Country and Golf Club was held at the club premises with great fanfare. Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali alongwith his wife graced the occasion. The club’s staff and their families were delighted to find Administrator amongst them who individually met them and inquired about their welfare and wellbeing. The club venue was beautifully decorated and gave a real festive look. Administrator appreciated the club’s management for organizing a fabulous family get together which was instrumental in promoting harmony and cohesion in club’s community.

The function was innovatively planned in a lively manner which included a number of attractions for the children and families entertainment. The hall mark of the function was a grand lucky draw for the club’s employees in which a large number of attractive prizes were given to them which included 22 mobile phones, 2 microwave ovens, 2 juice blenders, 8 wrist watches, 2 Food Factories, a LED 32″ TV Set and a Motorcycle. All the prizes were sponsored by different renowned commercial firms/organizations.

A musical programme was also part of the gala in which renowned singers entertained the crowd with their scintillating and beautiful songs. There were a number of other interesting events and attractions for the children and families including jumping castle, different rides, racing and singing competitions of various groups /categories which were thoroughly enjoyed by them in a boisterous and happy mood. The event provided an occasion to the staff of the Club to enjoy, recreate and to spend some enjoyable time together with their families out of their busy club routine.

A sumptuous dinner was also served to the staff and their families. The gala ended on a happy note and the club staff and their families energized with a renewed sense of joy and motivation went back in high spirits carrying sweet and memorable memories of the function.

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