Stammering Awareness Day at T2F

International Stammering Awareness is Celebrated Around the World on 22nd October

The Purpose of this day is to spread awareness about Stammering, to the people who stammer and people who encounter someone with a Stammer

Like Last Year, Stammer Circle Presents the 2nd Stammering Awareness Day Event, to do its part of spreading awareness within the Society, about this Taboo, Known as Stammering

You will be Treated to Speeches from the members of stammer circle, telling their stories and useful statistics, about stammering. This Segment will be followed by a Panel Discussion Between Speech Experts and Therapists, Who will discuss their points about Stammering and also take Questions from the Audience

Stammer Circle is a Non Profit Social Enterprise, Which is Based in Karachi, for the People Who Stammer. It was Founded in January 2018, by Shiraz Iqbal. Now, Stammer Circle with increasing numbers of members and numerous other contacts and collaboration, is growing a considerable pace.
Apart from Conducting Weekly Self Help Sessions, Stammer Circle has successfully hosted and been invited to 6 Awareness Events in various Institutes and Workplaces

It’s sure to be an evening, worth your time so do Join them at T2F Faraar Gallery, on 27th October 2019 and show your support for this cause.

Timings: 4:00 to 6:00 pm
Event Entry is Free of Cost
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