State-of-the-Art Ambulances for DHA Medical Centre

DHA Medical Centre is equipped with best diagnostic, lab and emergency care facilities. The modern medical facilities are provided to DHA Employees and to the residents at large for emergency cases.

DHA Medical Centre has recently been given two state-of-the-art ambulances equipped with complete resuscitation units. These ambulances were essentially required and will be judiciously utilized for evacuation/carriage of emergency patients while ensuring spontaneous life saving emergency care to patient while travelling in the ambulance.

Photographs illustrate emergency care being given to patients using state-of-the-art medical gadgets installed in ambulances.

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  1. Cdr Shahbaz Azmi (Retd) says:

    Pls publish the contact number to request for ambulance service in emergency.

  2. DHA medical center is improving its services day by day. The health facilities are much to provide for the best services to the patients.

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