Stay Order on Construction of Flyover and Underpasses near Abdullah Shah Ghazi Shrine

Residents of DHA, Clifton Cantt and minorities have recently agitated against the unilateral initiation of an Icon Tower, Flyover and Underpass project near Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine. This is because the said project is detrimental to their interest and will severely affect their lives. It has also threatened the structures of a Hindu Temple besides endangering the holy shrine in its vicinity. The project will be only beneficial to a specific project and will affect thousands of residents. Supreme Court has accordingly taken notice.

Stay Order on Construction of Flyover and Underpasses near Abdullah Shah Ghazi Shrine

The public has shown their overwhelming concern by agitating and demonstrating against the launching of the project. The project will have adverse fallouts on DHA residents seriously affecting the life and routine of its residents.

DHA is a responsible developing authority which makes concerted efforts to better the lives of its residents and provide them smooth living facilities. Taking cognizance of the same DHA went to Court of Law which has ordered a stay in this matter.

Residents have repeatedly approach Cantt Board Clifton and DHA officials and raised their concerns. They have also raised this issue with Supreme Court and high court also. Residents have also raised their voices administrative and legal formalities like environments. Public hearing and its impacts which have been totally ignored. DHA assures the residents to protect their rights at all cost, through legal action.

People with vested interests and mollified intentions have launched negative propaganda campaign in the media against DHA to malign the organization. DHA reserves the right of taking legal action against them. DHA Karachi is committed to protect the interest of its residents.

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  1. ASIF IQBAL says:

    I really appreciate of giving such a great developments to the residents of Karachi by giving high tech modern property constructions in Pakistan, i am resident of DHA Karachi from last 25 years, i fully support Bahria Town for making bridges and underpases for DHA residents, it could have done by DHA but unfortunately DHA is not competent front of Bahria Town and on the top DHA took stay order just because DHA got jealous of Bahria Town….DHA Authority should only think of development of Pakistan not just only their brand name.

    My blessing are with BAHRIA TOWN KARACHI.

    Thanks Bahria Town for Coming to Karachi.

  2. Danish says:

    This nation likes leg pulling a lot & so their organizations…
    No one would like to see here, anyone else can get any sort of benefit… Shame on DHA Authorities…

  3. amna says:

    If you cant do something good for the people,then atleast let others do this,Dha authorities are such a big liars and shameless as well.
    stop this non sense propaganda!

  4. sahir says:

    DHA is Governed by on duty Army Administrator and Corp Commander Karachi. They very power full with the support of army, no one can challenge them. Wrong or rihgt they will get what they want by using their might. But here, they horns are tied with another tycoon: Malik Riaz. Lets see who wins.

  5. Patriot says:

    I am an Ex-Military officer and currently residing in DHA Karachi. Let me be clear while saying, DHA Karachi has proved to be worst DHA schemes, both as far as physical layout plans and administration/ management are concerned.

    Currently they are just focused on minting money from residents/ shopkeepers on one ground or the other OR at parallel, brain storming on how to create new plots for senior Military/ Civil bureaucracy.

    In sufficient water supply, congested roads, armed robberies, phone/ purse snatching, political thugs roaming around with their party flags and caravan of armed guards, mini buses nasty plying on DHA routes with no driving sensibility at all, are just to name few of their incompetencies. And now they have cheeks to raise alarm and restrict someone who is favouring the residents. We know the high standards of Bahria and people`s naturally inclining towards Bahria scheme over DHA has caught you off guard and has exposed your series of incompetencies. Couple of advises for DHA Karachi administration: Take this chance to remove your weaknesses and re-claim people`s lost trust on you. Secondly, “If you cannot fix it, don`t break it” idiots. If someone is doing your job, let him do that or you will fall on your elbows claiming high standards and doing nothing.

  6. Asif says:

    I just want to say 20 feet big and long digs are made and at this stage the work is halted. If there is some issue it should be presented in court but the work should not be stop becoz at this stage environmntal impact is more and not only near by resident but every one is facing problems.The work should start prior to case in court.

  7. Ahmed says:

    All the comments are lovely comments. Its really shame, if someone wanted to do something for the our country, is barded to do so. Hope BT will finish several other projects like this soon for the betterment of Pakistan.

    We are waiting to see Bahria Town Karachi successful one. Insha Allah.

  8. usman says:

    Apropos of above, both are equally bad. Both have their vested interests. No one is interested in the well being of people. If DHA has many failed projects then let me bring this information in kind consideration of all mates that BAHRIA TOWN is it self a BIG BLACK MAFIA. How did Mr Malik Riaz grabbed national/ private lands in Rawalpindi? How many people have been killed by these land grabbers to develope their nefarious schemes? More importantly, how did he manage to grab such a lucrative place (ICON TOWERS)paying a meaningless is true we (not all) are making good profits through cheap market tactics introduced by bahria town for the very first time in real estate sector but we should have at least the courage to accept what is wrong and what’s right. We can’t change the UNIVERSAL truth.

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