STEM Summer Camp at AFK

Join Alliance Francaise de Karachi for a STEM Summer camp! Their unique weeklong camp introduces students to the exciting worlds of science, medicine, technology, engineering and mathematics in a safe and comfortable location.

Students will take the Little Medical School part 1 course where they will go through the following classes:

-Session 1: What’s in the Doctor’s Bag? Students learn about instruments doctors use!
– Session 2: All About the Heart! Students learn about how the heart.
– Session 3: Digestion Fun! Through an interactive exercise, students learn what happens when their bodies digest food.
– Session 4: All About the Lungs! Students get up and moving to learn how air enters and exits the body.
– Session 5:Is There a Surgeon in the House? A face mask and gloves will make students feel like real surgeons as they learn to
suture and tie knots!
– Session 6: Medical Fun and Graduation! Students will graduate and receive a diploma.

Students will also take TWO ROBOTECH courses.

Robotics – is a combination of mechanical, electronics and computer software engineering. It includes the development of robot or smart machines that perform tasks

Genius Math – children learn to do difficult calculation within seconds and become gadget free. Aloha based mind math course which enhances the listening, observing and focusing skills

Venue: Alliance Francaise de Karachi
Days: Friday
Time: 10AM-12PM
Event Link:

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