[Step 01] How To Start Bungalow/Building Construction in DHA Karachi

CITI AssociatesDefence Housing Authority (DHA) Karachi over the years has come to symbolize as a residential estate that focuses on provision of best educational recreational and quality civic amenities and good living environments to its residents.

DHA has come to be known as a model housing scheme that maintains the highest standards of excellence and all its undertaking.

For any query regarding construction of Bungalow or Building in DHA Karachi, kindly get in touch with CITI Associates at info@citiassociates.com.pk

Being the member of DHA and owner/transferee of plot in DHA are required to acquaint yourself as how to start the construction of your residential house or your commercial building. Here is the complete guideline in this regard given for you better understanding which will facilitate for planning of construction of bungalow/building.

Step 01 – Issue of Site Plan

Why Site Plan Is Necessary? It is the first major documents required for the planning to construct a building and is issued to clearly show following:

  • Nomenclature of plot
  • The direction of North
  • The boundaries of the site on which it is proposed to be constructed.
  • Information of adjacent roads/streets and other properties.
  • Name of owner

For issuance of Site Plan following documents are required to be deposited at TP&BC Directorate, DHA Karachi:

  • Photocopy of Allotment Order / Transfer Order / Mutation / Division.
  • Photocopy of CNIC of Owner.
  • Photocopy of Payment Receipt.

Site Plan fees be paid through Bank Draft/Pay Order as per following rate:

For Ordinary Cases:

  • Ordinary (15 Days) – Rs 1500
  • Urgent (7 Days) – Rs 6000
  • Emergent (3 Days) – Rs 16500

For Corporate Bodies:

  • Ordinary (15 Days) – Rs 6000
  • Urgent (7 Days) – Rs 13500
  • Emergent (3 Days) – Rs 28500

For Foreigners:

  • Ordinary (15 Days) – Rs 7500
  • Urgent (7 Days) – Rs 18750

On the prescribed date, the Site Plan can be collected either personally or through Registered Post or Personally from TP & BC Dte.

To download site plan application form Click here

Step 02 – Execution of A Lease

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  1. usman arif says:

    when DH A city plot be transferable , phase VIII or any DH A Karachi will be able to shift the site and development plan in near future , as part of building lease and the commercial lease will be provided before the residential lease or at the same time , with city Mali r or DH A will act as own governing body to issue authorize the construction lease. Site plan will be approved by whom , construction will be as per the recommended contractors by which year target expected.

    thanks and regards

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