[Step 05] How To Start Bungalow/Building Construction in DHA Karachi

CITI AssociatesDefence Housing Authority (DHA) Karachi over the years has come to symbolize as a residential estate that focuses on provision of best educational recreational and quality civic amenities and good living environments to its residents.

DHA has come to be known as a model housing scheme that maintains the highest standards of excellence and all its undertaking.

For any query regarding construction of Bungalow or Building in DHA Karachi, kindly get in touch with CITI Associates at info@citiassociates.com.pk

Being the member of DHA and owner/transferee of plot in DHA are required to acquaint yourself as how to start the construction of your residential house or your commercial building. Here is the complete guideline in this regard given for you better understanding which will facilitate for planning of construction of bungalow/building.

Step 05 – Issue of NOC’s – Various Stages

The process of NOC is carried out to check/verify that either construction is carried out as per approved building plan. It will facilitate the allottee/transferee to rectify in time any violation against the approved building plan which not only create problem on the submission of completion plan but also save the allottee/transferee for payment of huge financial penalties for the regularization of any violation.

During construction apply to TP&BC Dte for the issuance of NOC’s by submitting photocopy of approved Building Plan.


  • Plinth Level
  • Ground Floor Slab
  • 1st Floor Slab (if 1st Floor is constructed)
  • Stair Tower (if constructed)


  • Basement (if constructed)
  • Plinth Level
  • Ground Floor Slab
  • Mezzanine floor (if constructed)
  • 1st Floor Slab
  • 2nd Floor Slab
  • 3rd Floor Slab
  • 4th Floor Slab
  • Stair Tower/Over Head Water Tank/Barsati

Step 06 – Coming Soon!

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