Stoppage of Construction Work on Clifton Flyover Project – Court Decision

Residents of Defence and Clifton were over joy by the decision taken by the Sindh High Court in favour of DHA Karachi against the Flyover and Underpass project near Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine. The decision of the court will protect the environment from pollution and would keep the area environmental friendly.

Stay Order on Construction of Flyover and Underpasses near Abdullah Shah Ghazi Shrine

Unfortunately, the citizens of Karachi are being misguided by the negative propaganda by different sources, which is a clear violation of court’s order. Some prominent personalities are also indulged in misguiding by negative reports which would be considered as interference in the court’s order. The legal formalities were not completed before starting the project and it was started with collude which credit goes to only specified peoples.

The residents of the area appeal to the concerned Municipal Authorities to covert the affected area into its real shape to fulfill their responsibilities. The residents of Defence and Clifton including Hindu community who were continuously launching campaigns against the project are happy on the decision given by the honorable Court.

DHA is committed to extend full support to its residents.

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  1. nim says:

    dear brother and sisters be aware of the marketing tactics of baharia they are too good at selling sand at the cost of gold. we are suffering be sure what you are buy get every thing checked. here in Islamabadat baharia enclave they sold filled land as much as with 40 to 50 feet of soft filling due to which their vertex villans collasped while many houses went in. the plot bought by general customers are not plots but ditches. above all bahria is in no mood to compensate.


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