Story of Ms Khadija Bakali of Umbrella Cancer Network by Jang Group

Recently, Ms Khadija Bakali is interviewed by Jang Group which was published on 11th June, 2017 in Jang Sunday Magazine. Khadija Bakali is one of those dedicated professionals who worked with different communities and cultures for achieving the level of excellence. Khadija Bakali is a versatile lady who can speak languages (Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi & English). She believes in working in team and independently both. Bakali aims at achieving at high quality of work whether it is her paid job or a volunteer task.

Bakali is working religiously as a Health and Wellbeing Adviser to motivate people through one-to-one or group counselling for maintaining healthy lifestyle. Obesity is one of the big reasons of Cancer and she help people loose weight throughout the journey. She conducts health events and deliver living well courses to cancer patients to defeat stress and develop positivity.

If you need any information regarding:

  • What is Cancer?
  • How Umbrella Cancer Network can help you?
  • What happens after dignosis?
  • Primary treatment of Cancer.
  • Complete Cancer treatment palnning
  • How to figth Cancer? Where to get the help from?

Contact Khadija Bakali
Phone: 00447448187148
Whatsapp: 00447448187148
Day: Saturday & Sunday
Time: 12:00 – 01:00 pm

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