Street Crime in DHA Karachi

STREET CRIME IN DHA – DHA VIGILANCEDHA Vigilance Directorate has recently been re-organized and reinforced to provide safe and enhanced secure living environment in Defence. DHA Vigilance has accordingly started carrying out intensive patrolling of various phases of DHA and is also carrying out effective electronic surveillance of the area to obviate the growing incidents of street crime, thefts and criminal activities in DHA.

On Wednesday evening, DHA vigilance guards while on normal patrolling of the area spotted an 18 years old young man hiding in a corner at Kh-e-Abbasi in DHA Phase-VII waiting to commit a crime. Meanwhile the dacoit intercepted a motor bike rider point blank and asked him to hand over his mobile phone and purse to him.

The motor bike rider, Tariq Jadoon while taking out his purse physically assaulted the dacoit and tried to overpower him. During the ensuing encounter, the pistol went off and the bullet was fired however no one got hurt.

DHA Vigilance Guard displaying an act of courage and devotion overpowered the dacoit and apprehended him alongwith the pistol. The dacoit named Shahab is said to be resident of Qayyumabad. He was handed over to Gizri Police Station who arrested him and registered an FIR against him.

DHA Director Security and Vigilance, Brig (R) Azhar Manzoor appreciated the sense of duty and act of courage shown by the Vigilance Guard and reiterated that DHA Vigilance would leave no stone unturned to bring a visible improvement in security situation in the area.

News published by Defence Housing Authority, Karachi

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  1. Irfan saeed khan says:

    3 boys with rakhsha are taking plants pod from front of every home,,
    Sometimes they are taking it without permission,,
    Gv me dha complain no. That I could inform u directly

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