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Weddings times are the happiest and of the greatest joys, but they bring along with them their fair share of work and hassles. Not to be easily diminished problems that loom over the head of the families and the couple till the day of the wedding and right down till the wedding does not finish.

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With all respect, weddings are hectic as well, but then again what is a little pain in the face of all the joy and happiness it brings along with it. Not to mention, the ideal time to spend and look great for all the beautifully gorgeous snaps.

For weddings, it is not just the bride and groom who worry about how they look, what the dress will look like and a million other questions, the guests and relatives take equal amount of stress in dressing. The only reason known so far is to look good for themselves and the pictures.

Wedding photography means pictures by the tons taken by nearly everyone with their cameras or their cell phones, not to mention the unlimited number of selfie’s to upload at the moment with status updates and tags. So weddings is one time when people put in efforts to get dressed and become conscious of the camera because no one would like a terrible picture among the many pretty ones.

Studio9 by Nusrat Jamal - DHA Karachi

Now if relatives and guests care so much about the pictures, what will become of the bride and groom? It is after all their life changing day; a day of great monumental importance. The wedding photography for the bride and groom has to be perfectly executed just as they had wished for it to be. If not done that way, it is deemed as an unforgivable sin. For all the wedding photography hour needs and ideas, one name keeps coming across for its long standing name and quality- it is Studio9 by Nusrat Jamal.

Address: Stadium Lane 1, Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35248796-97 and 0300-9290879

Studio9 by Nusrat Jamal proclaims to be the easiest photography services to do business with, offering photography and videography of the highest quality. To its accreditations is 32 years of quality service and satisfied clients. The aim of Studio9 is to cover the fun, joy, emotion of every moment without standing out as third parties; instead they blend into the environment and capture each moment with precision and fine detailing.

An important element of wedding photography is to get to know the couple; it might not sound like a needed activity, but on the contrary it add tons of value to the service provided and Studio9 does just that. At Studio9 the photography team takes their time in getting to know the couple, their likes, dislikes, any ideas or concepts and above all what they wish for- only then does the magic begin on the big day.

The idea of photojournalism is when moments are captured without letting the subjects know of the presence of camera, thus each picture comes out in a pure, genuine state, reflecting the truest form of emotions- offered at Studio9. Wedding photography from Studio9 ensures the quality and elegance which comes with 32 years of experience

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