Study Circle: Feminist Theory of the State at AFK

Join Alliance Francaise Karachi as they read and discuss Catherine MacKinnon’s feminist theory of the state. She writes that though feminists understand the way the state discriminates between the genders, that is not enough. Feminist need to develop a theory of the state that answers the following questions: 

  • What, in gender terms, are the state’s norms of accountability, sources of power, real constituency?
  • Is the state to some degree autonomous of the interests of men or an integral expression of them?
  • Is the state constructed upon the sub-ordination of women?
  • Would a different relation between state and society, such as may pertain under socialism, make a difference?
  • If not, is masculinity inherent in the state form as such, or is some other form of state, or some other way of governing, distinguishable or imaginable? 
  • The question for feminism, for the first time on its own terms, is: what is this state, from women’s point of view? 

The reading can be found here:

Exact location in garden:
They will be to the right of the Frere Hall building if you enter from the Fatima Jinnah Road entrance.

You can see the topics for their previous study circles here:

Venue: Alliance Française de Karachi
Dates: 23 December 2018
Days: Sunday
Time: 2 pm – 4 pm
Event Page:

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