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Trendy and contemporary styling is in vogue for men, women and children alike. Well who would want a traditional look or styling when they wish to go for a makeover? The purpose of the makeover is to bring a beautiful change one that will break the monotonous look- the look has to be fresh, invigorating and above all it should complement the natural look and features.

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Styling’s can go awfully wrong if done by amateur stylists or newbies- the end would be a lackluster horrible look, that a person will have to support to until a new change cannot be done. The worst case scenario for styling’s gone from bad to worse, is when people take it upon themselves to fix the damage; at the end looking like half plucked chickens.

A proper styling is when the client and stylist sit down together for the discussion. A successful styling is when the stylist takes the time to understand the look a client wants and then incorporating the latest trends.

A happy client is one with a happy styling- executed professionally with the utmost care, finishing with a smashing ultramodern look. The opinion of the client and ideas of the stylists come together for the perfect look.

TONI and GUY Salon - Clifton Karachi

Generally the haircuts executed at salons are termed as styling- which they are not. The same old traditional cuts with a tiny twist does not make it styling, it is called improvising on the run of the mill cuts. Clients pay huge sums for these ‘styling’ at reputable salons, when in reality it is nothing more than a haircut. Styling is an ingenuity combined with talent and technique to give a completely new look, one that will speak volumes about the money paid.

People who are in search for a new look, but do not trust the skills and aptitude of their salons, will find themselves in a fix. The solution is right there in front- TONI & GUY located in Clifton, Karachi.

Address # 1: C-14, Block 02, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35860903 and 021-35831427

Address # 2: F-55, First Floor, Block 04, Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35293992-5


Toni & Guy Salon was started by a brother duo of Toni Mascolo and Brother Guy in 1963 in Clapham London. The innovative hair dressing ideas, quality and consistency in delivery took Toni & Guy Salon to new heights when the first franchise of the salon was opened in 1963.

Toni & Guy has become an iconic British hairdressing ‘Superbrand’, which is now the largest independent salon chain worldwide. People in K-town have been on the lookout for an internationally recognized hairdressing salon that will give them the ultimate professional makeover they have been waiting for.

Clients will find themselves in the care of the best professionals in town- a thorough discussion will precede the styling, once the client has a clear idea of what will be done. Rest assured styling from Toni & Guy will be extremely satisfactory in terms of style, perfection and execution.

The styling does cost a sum which few will be happy to give out, but it is worth every penny. Anytime a styling or makeover is due, Toni & Guy is the salon to book the appointment at.

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    Aoa am from islamabad. I had curely n rough hairs. Wana get hair treatment n solution regarding curely hairs.pisse off from strating hairs many times

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