Stylish Denim Plated Long Coat by ‘Bint-E-Ali’

After introducing Denim Short Coats and Abayas now Bint-E-Ali comes up with a very Stylish Denim Plated Long Coat which you haven’t seen before anywhere. Simple and elegant Denim Long Coat gives you a 10/10 on Style whether you are ready for a University Class or for a informal gathering.

Stylish Denim Plated Long Coat suits everyone who are looking for something modest yet stylish. Denim Plated Long Coat is designed by giving lots of Plates with a Neck Color to give a Stiff Look with a straight Cut to reveal the beauty of Plain Denim Fabric. Long Pockets are also attached with this Coat where you can put you Cell phone or even you horizontal wallet. An option of Belt hooks are given around the waist so that you may wear a belt with the coat to enhance the beauty of the Coat. (Preferred not to Wear)

Denim is a high quality sturdy cotton twill textile fabric which is best for regular use and will last for many years. This fabric is suitable for both Summers and Winters. You can carry your Denim Abaya everywhere whether it is a Presentation or Meeting or any formal gathering.

Stylish Denim Plated Long Coat by ‘Bint-E-Ali’ (2) Stylish Denim Plated Long Coat by ‘Bint-E-Ali’ (3)

Bint-E-Ali aims at providing the perfect solution of our Muslimah closet without scarifying elegance and beauty.

  • Code: BA-11
  • Price: PKR 5999/-
  • Fabric: High Quality Denim

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