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Stylo Shoes - Wedding and Party Collection from DHAToday on Vimeo.

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A question: When is an ensemble complete for a woman? -When a woman buys the perfect pair of shoes. A dress seems incomplete if not complemented by the right pair of shoes. Shoes too flat or ones with heels too high can ruin a perfect dress and the mood.

Women cannot look sulky and crest fallen at a dinner party or wedding. Thus to say that shoes add an extra oomph to any attire is a true statement. Shoes could be flat, pumps, heels, stilettos, desi kolapuris or Saleem Shahi’s- a world of shoes awaits all those who wish to step in (pun intended) and explore.

Wedding season in Karachi begins right from the month of December right till the end of March. This means what. Shoes galore!! Ladies will go out and shop for shoes till they don’t drop. Makes one wonder what is it about shoes that women will not rest till they find the right pair. Simple: a perfect pair of shoes is comfortable and stylish.

Women should be able to run in a lawn frenzy marathon with the perfect pair. So far so good. But what if shoes have to be bought for weddings or party. The entire criterion is topsy turvy! First rule to buying shoes for the formal wear: they need not be all bling, but in case of a wedding- bring out the bling and flash! Shoes bought for the wedding have to be flashy, sparkly and all about bling; they complement any attire. Brides will find themselves adorned with shoes which remind of Cinderella’s glass shoes gifted to her by the fairy godmother.

Stylo - Styling Feet Since 1974

Stylish shoe designs to die for are available at Stylo located at Main Zamzama. Stylo has over 89 outlets all across Pakistan making it the largest foot wear brand for the ladies. Brides will be extremely happy to find shoes in dazzling colours and designs to match their wedding outfits.

Address: Next to Standard Chartered Bank, Main Boulevard Road Zamzama, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35833464

For a bride, the style and design of the shoes is secondary while the comfort level is priority number one. Since the bride has to sit or walk around greeting guests, an uncomfortable yet stylish pair of shoes will do little help.

Shoes at Stylo are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Thus brides can extravagantly indulge in shoe shopping without any worries of the impending aching heels or toes. For events like Mehndi and Dholki, flat shoes work best, but the traditional flats- yes we mean Kolhapuri and Khussay which are also known as Saleem Shahi’s.

At Stylo, desi and traditional flats are available with a modern twist; studded diamantes or thread work. Even though the idea is fairly new, it will work well with the traditional mehndi or dholki attires. Sister and mother of the brides will be on the go throughout the wedding functions, so they can pick a comfortable pair which would suit them.

With the latest wedding collection in stores at Stylo, brides and women should hurry before the best is swept away.

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