Subway and a Car Wash!

Subway - DHA and Clifton Karachi

Subway is the world’s most famous international hoagie chain with outlets scattered wide across the globe. The subway sign in any foreign country is nothing less than a ray of hope for most of the people who face problems with the cuisine.

Pure desi’s at heart will actually end up whining for a good home cooked meal when in a foreign country. Even though travel is all about exploring and experiencing the unique flavors of the cuisine and the country, very few are able to adapt to the differences in food palates. Sometimes it is the spices or the cooking techniques which are poles apart from the ones being used at home.

For the Muslims it is also a matter of Halal when it comes to eating out in a foreign country. Subway offers great choices of healthy but heavily stuffed hoagies which around not just fulfilling but delicious in taste as well. Subway is originally an American chain offering the first ever subways or submarines to the masses- ideologically and actually submarines were created to satisfy the humongous appetites of the American Population but in a healthy manner.

Very soon subway spread across the globe, finally landing its presence here in Pakistan. Subway was well received by the people initially and all those who knew what subway is about were extremely delighted with the chain opening here. The opening of subway meant the first ever hoagie or submarine, for people who love Biryani and Qormas it was a completely new experience.

Many people claimed to have said it wont long last because only crack pots would pay so much for a bun sandwich when for the same amount a complete heavy desi meal can be devoured. All of these claims and predictions were proved wrong when subway not only sustained its business, but also managed to become the market leader and pioneer in this category of food.

Today subway is the only leading brand in the entire nation offering healthy submarines for the people. Karachi is home to numerous subway outlets scattered across the city for ease of access. A break through today for the petrol and gas stations has been made- because initially stations had marts offering snacks and some grocery item- a Subway outlet has opened up at the PSO Station near Masjid-e-Ayesha.

The first subway outlet at a petrol station offers customers a great submarine while their cars are either filled with fuel or given a splendid car wash. Progress enroute for subway and the gas station.

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