Sugaries Bakery

Who doesn’t want to cherish their unforgettable moment with exotic tongue-tantalizing taste of creamy and rich sweetness of dessert among lots of chocolaty scrumptious piece of cakes and muffins. Sugaries Bakery, located at most busiest yet prestigious area of DHA, Zamzama. It is quite worth praising place with a lifetime experience and services for their customers.

Handling by expert bakers to stove or oven, made up of pure flour as bakes enormously on exact time taken procedure actually undeniably a trust worthy thing. Bakery strive to maintain quality to quantity control element which actually emphasize customers satisfaction and avoid health issues as well. Satisfaction is guaranteed as bakery provide eateries perfect planed dessert without compromising on waste watchers diet plans. Incorporate fresh and pure organic ingredients like dark chocolate and carrot which are encompassed in customers food plan will never disappoint you for craving of sweetness without ignoring diet.    

In a competitive world, all bakers are trying to create innovative style and serving techniques to actually achieve customers attraction towards their brand. Food industry is rapidly growing faster, as every day is bringing in new innovations which is putting old out. Bakeries are growing tremendously and continuously by providing handcrafted artisanal yet mesmerizing delicacies products with aromatic and auspicious quality in a very effective way.

Sugaries bakery brings divinity to a newly whole range of creamy enriched sweetness and savoury indulgence with authentic tag label of sophistication to pride virtue. Each item prepared with a lot of love, care and dedication as bakery wants to make your special occasions more worthy, memorable and happier. At this bakery, you will find a wide range of cookies, cupcakes, brownies, savories, biscuits, tarts, miscellaneous, honey and beverages served with elegance and purely confine manner.

Artistically decor and mesmerizing shelves filled with tremendously sweet tooth dairies and dessert keep its customers attracted. Just to cherish your happiness and satisfaction bakery do customizes cakes as well, just to give you more relaxation and joy. Ambiance in quality and outrages taste of dessert takes Sugaries to its higher level in just some years of unstoppable hard work of the team and loyal customers. With a balance amount of sweetness to perfect baking actually can’t resist you for the temptation of craving for dessert and brownies. So don’t forget to take Sugaries in your top listed place for placing dessert orders.

Sugaries confidently give innovative services specially in Ice-cream cake, wedding cake, birthday cake, cupcakes, fondant cake, cheese cake, sponge cake, anniversary cakes as their specialty slogan with other lots of varieties.

Address: Shop No.3, Plot No. 25-C, 5th Zamzama Commercial Lane, Park Side, Phase V, D.H.A, Karachi, Pakistan-75500
Phone: (021) 35295073, (021) 0322 828 1420, 0300 9239641
Timing: Monday to Sunday 10:00am to 11:00pm

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