Summer Camp 2015 at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture

The most awaited Summer Camp is here! ARTRAGEOUS SUMMER is primarily a visual arts programme. You will learn many of the following: painting, drawing, hand-built ceramics, paper arts and crafts, collage, photography, digital and animation arts, and much more.

As usual this summer the highlight of Artrageous programme will be an amazing display of students’ artwork in the Indus Valley Art Gallery which will continue for a day art bonanza. Art activities will differ every day, and vary in content and variety, but they are all aimed to prompt an awareness of art forms, as well as a respect for environment.

Summer Camp 2015 at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture Summer Camp 2015 at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture 02

Course Offered:

1. Drawing Basics – Initially students learn to use different pencils, identify shadows and lights gradually developing the sense of observing proportions. During the course, students will understand how drawing works and learn to see like an artist.

2. Oil Painting Workshop (Age 10 – 14 years) – This step by step workshop explores how to establish backgrounds, sketch dark & light areas and blend background and foreground paints and provide touch up. Students learn about sketching figures, under painting, adding details and over painting.

3. Acrylics (Age 10 – 14 years) – The Artist will teach the basic Acrylic painting techniques. This course involves learning about the color wheel, textured painting, marbling on paper etc. The students will learn to explore imagery expressionistically.

4. The World of Water Color – Students will learn about primary, secondary and intermediate colors, the basic techniques of water color brush, how to choose a paper and build a color, palette, manipulating color transparency, value and intensity and temperature for the radiant.

5. Click and Edit (Age 10 – 14 years) – Students will learn to capture technically exceptional pictures and use their basic learning to assess impact of light, shadow & other variables. They will also gain knowledge on how to improve the captured images by learning basic tools of editing photographs in Photoshop.

6. Drama Club – Acting is a fun way to learn new skills and boost confidence. This course will include expressions and voice projection exercises to boost confidence. The students will perform different skits and develop close bond with their peers.

7. Fun with Clay (Age 6 – 9 years) – This course allows young children to explore clay in exciting and stimulating ways through simple themes and projects. They will learn different techniques including rolling clay, modeling, building with slabs etc.

8. Fun with Clay (Age 10 – 14 years) – The students will learn to create coil & slab built pottery and sculpture as well as carving techniques. The modeling tools will be used to manipulate the material into different shapes by receiving step by step instructions from the artist. A range of different ceramic, sculptural and decorative techniques are demonstrated.

9. Digital Art (Age 6 – 9 years) – The mouse will be the paint brush & the monitor will be the canvas!! This course is for little darlings who love to work on the computer. This course will teach them to draw on computers and also perform different enjoyable activities like painting & games.

10. Websites & Social Media (Age 11 – 14 years) – The students will learn how to create their own webpage & operate their own website as well as learn to use social media for research and networking. They will also be taught about the different social media platforms, their do’s & Don’ts and how they can be used for positive purposes.

11. Creative Writing (Age 6 – 9 years) – Writing tips and fun filled activities will help our young writers explore their imagination in a new dimension. This will help in building their confidence, thinking skills, communication skills as well as increase their general intelligence.

12. Creative Writing (Age 10 – 14 years) – They will learn how stories and characters are made up and how to develop them. The skills learned through creative writing workshops will encourage creative thinking and mind mapping. Writing exercises will tease the mind & bond you with your Artrageous fellows.

13. Sculpture & Origami – The students will learn to make different 3D objects using materials from colored papers to aluminum foil etc. Origami is the art of paper folding, inititally students will learn the basic folds and how they can be helpful in making different objects. The students will also use different day to day things like egg cartons; tooth picks etc to create 3D art and sculpture.

14. Zumba – Zumba will move, motivate, energize and inspire kids who love to dance. This class is for students who are energetic, boisterous and active. Participants will learn the basic steps to form basic zumba rhythms and then learn how to put them together.

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    I want to send my daughter for the painting classes. Kindly guide me.

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