Sunday is Fun Day – Supporting a Great Cause at The Forum Shopping Mall

Weekend are dedicated solely for time which is to be spent with the family- the outside world of business and work is shut out in the face of the precious smiles on the children’s face. Out of the seven (7) days in a week, the family waits for the one or two days of weekend to either go out or stay at home and enjoy the day.

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Usually, the favourite hangout place by the families is either the club or heading out to a mall- walk around, shop a little, enjoy a delicious dinner and head back home. Not bad at all. On the contrary it is very relaxing and exactly what the mad doctor ordered after a crazy week at work.

The time spent out is not just important because of the entertainment, but it is the family being together which makes it precious and remarkable. So when the children go back to school on the next working day, they will have loads of fun stories to narrate to their friends about what they did over the weekend.

The thought or an idea of such an outing can bring smile like no other. All is well in this scenario, it is the picture perfect outing any family would like, but what if there was an event with a purpose. Wondering if the event will be a dull boring seminar? Seriously let us think about it.

How about an event fun-filled which would even contribute some part from us as being responsible citizens? Sounds good to the ear and it will feel even better to the heart if worked on. An event with a cause is seldom seen as a suitable occasion because somewhere along, the mind tends to think up of all the boring stuff that could be a part of it.

This thought is way off the road and far from the truth- one such upcoming event is the Sunday Fun Day organized by the Orange Tree Foundation and Children Cancer Foundation. The event Sunday Fun Day will be held on April 13th 2014 at The Forum Shopping Mall. The tickets for the event cost Rs. 200/- per person.

Sunday is Fun Day - Supporting a Great Cause at The Forum Shopping Mall

At Sunday Fun Day, there will be numerous food and entertainment stalls for the families and children. The fun has just begun for now- leading food eateries will have stalls catering piping hot delicacies on the spot. The children will be able to enjoy the best entertainment possible with rides, face painting, arts and craft, and decorate the muffin.

Think you’ve heard enough about the funday galore, there is more to come! The event is a Spring Family Carnival which will cater especially to the kids in the age group of 3-13 years. The tickets will be available at the entrance and this extravaganza begins at 4 in the evening on the 13th of April 2014.

All the proceeds will go to the children suffering from cancer and for their education. See, right here is an opportunity to have a gala with family while contributing to the needy at the same time. This Sunday pack all work and head straight for this galore!

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