Sur Ka Safar: The Magic of Senia at T2F

Join The Second Floor, for their next Sur Ka Safar series; The Magic of Senia, an evening with Ustad Sajid Hussain who will be accompanied by Yousuf Kerai on the tabla on Saturday, 19th October 2019!

About the Performers:

Hailing from a family of musical virtuosos, Ustad Sajid Hussain, is the disciple of his father, Ustad Fida Hussain, and his uncle, Ustad Kabir Khan. Belonging to the Senia Gharana that traces its roots to Mian Tansen, Sajid Hussain began to play the sitar at the age of 16 and is the 7th generation of sitar players from this lineage. He has performed for radio, television and music festivals such as the All Pakistan Music Conference and Tehzeeb Festivals and has represented Pakistan in performances overseas as well. He is one of the senior artistes and composers in the ensemble, Tarz Group, which comprises of classically trained musicians who present South Asian musical heritage in a new orchestral style. In addition to performances, Ustad Sajid Hussain has focused his attention on educating his children in the art that is his ancestral inheritance. His eldest son, Shehroze is a seasoned young sitar player, performing widely on various platforms in Pakistan. Moreover, since the past year, Ustad Sajid Hussain has been teaching sitar to over 100 students through the Center for South Asian Music at Habib University. He is one of the few remaining sitar maestros of Pakistan and his artistry lies not only in his playing but also in his magnificent compositions.

Yousuf Kerai hails from Karachi, Pakistan and was introduced to Indian Classical Music at the age of eight where he learned to sing, and play the harmonium, under the tutelage of the late Master Babu Khan. Through this, his interest in the tabla grew into an obsession. At the age of sixteen, he was accepted as a student of the great maestro, Ustad Khursheed Hussain. Yousuf has been a student of tabla for the last 20 years, even though he has spent eight of those years in the U.S.A. for the sake of higher education. Earning a B.A. in Mathematics and a Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics from Bennington College, Yousuf has taught at various institutions in USA and Pakistan in the capacity of a mathematics teacher and teacher trainer. He currently serves as Mathematics Lecturer and Founding Director of the Centre for South Asian Music at Habib University.

Simultaneously, Yousuf continues his training as a tabla player. From the very start of his training, Yousuf has performed in private and public performances in both Pakistan and U.S.A. Recently, Yousuf has been giving special attention to helping young listeners connect with their South Asian musical heritage through lecture-demonstrations on musical theory and collaborative performances with his ensemble of classically trained musicians called TARZ GROUP, which provides a more globally appealing alternative to classical performers. In 2015 his ensemble released their first album, The Essence of South Asia, which is available on various digital music platforms internationally. Yousuf hosts regular performances at T2F in a program called Sur ka Safar, where he provides a platform for upcoming musicians through a crowd-funded model. Currently, Yousuf is focusing his attention on developing a Music Minor program at Habib University, with the hopes of it eventually becoming a Major offered at the institution.

Date: Saturday, 19th October 2019
Time: 07:30 PM – 09:30 PM
Venue: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Rs. 1000/- (Available at Venue)
Event Link:

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