Sustainable Transportation in DHA City Karachi (DCK) – All You Need To Know!

DHA City Karachi (DCK) has been envisioned as ‘The First Sustainable City of Pakistan’, which will serve as a model for the future independent cities in the country and abroad. The aim has been to plan and build a city, which provides its citizens a safe, comfortable, efficient and beautiful lifestyle.

Sustainable Transportation in DHA City Karachi (DCK) – All You Need To Know!


DCK will be the most energy efficient and sustainable suburb of Pakistan with efficient Pedestrian, Cycling, Metro & Roadway Systems and Renewable Energy Systems.

The entire master planning scheme consists of residential sectors planned as mini cities within DCK, with all the residential and communal facilities provided within a distance of 5-20 minute walk. The planning concept of these residential sectors has been adopted from the Ekistics concept model of urban planning.

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Routes have been designed in such a way so as to keep the traffic flow to a minimum yet still maintain space for pedestrians and cycling. Up to ten to twelve communities have been planned in a way to ensure maximum tranquility as no large commercial centers, multifamily homes have been allowed with a view to guarantee complete peace and serenity in the area.

A highly structured transportation network has been mapped out to facilitate the residents. Two main roads will provide rapid access to the entire site, minimizing the distance of any point from the Superhighway and allowing the development of vital activities beyond the frontage of DHA City Karachi.

Sustainable Transportation in DHA City Karachi (DCK) – All You Need To Know!

A north-south roadway connects the Superhighway with the farthest southern area and an east-west roadway connects the newly planned developments with DCK.

Malir River Expressway project has been approved by the Sindh Govt and CDGK, and will be executed through public-private partnership. This will amazingly reduce the traveling time from the metropolis to DCK to 30 minutes thus shrinking the distances. A rail loop (Karachi Circular Railway) is also planned for providing a safe and fast means of communication between DCK and Karachi.

A series of pedestrian bridges will connect the communities and the center above the main roadways. As per the DCK Transportation Plan there will be a myriad of road networks, major intersections, collector roads, service roads, roundabouts, one way regimes and the concept of using maximum public transport.

Sustainable Transportation in DHA City Karachi (DCK) – All You Need To Know!

Public transportation consists of two street car trams, articulated modern buses, pedestrian areas and parking lots. Residents shall be encouraged to use public transport instead of private vehicles developing a culture of walking/cycling for short distances in DCK.

Sustainable Transportation in DHA City Karachi (DCK) – All You Need To Know!

Walk > Cycle > Metro > Car

  • Walk: Walking for daily trips through tree shaded streets to a safe & near location – DCK lifestyle for whole family
  • Cycle: In parallel, daily travel Bicycle routes are planned for within sub-sector, sector & even at city level
  • Metro: A Metro network of Streetcars with buses planned for inter-sector & downtown travel
  • Car: A Road network for cars also exist which will have to compete with the efficient walking, cycling & metro modes of travel

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