Sweet Factory for the Sweet Tooth

There can never to be too much of sweets- whether traditional or the kiddie’s kind- because the bright coloured sugar coated delights are eye candy. Well to say sweets are just eye candy would be doing it a fair bit of injustice since everyone whether child or adult will fall for them. A packet full of brightly coloured sweets will be followed by the roving eyes of the adults and children alike in a room; each person will wait patiently concealing their anxiousness till the packet reaches them.

“People’s love of sweets and guilty feelings about overindulgence are pretty universal.’- Will Cotton

Such is the power a packet of sweets yields in a room full of people. Many will try to engage in conversations without trying to break eye contact but unfortunately not many succeed at hiding their attempts. To say the least- a bag full of sweets or chocolates can incapacitate adults from engaging in meaningful conversation. Children on the other hand will pacify instantly when handed over a bag of sweets to choose from; the astonishing bit here would be when children suddenly become obedient and listen to any direction or request.

Sweet Factory for the Sweet Tooth

Sweets and chocolates are the need of the hour when naughty children are visitors. A concern with sweets and chocolates for mothers and hosts alike has always been the safety of the food colour and quality of the ingredients- it would be extremely unpleasant if the loved sweets and chocolates would become the cause for a child or adult’s sickness. Thus parents and hosts now pay greater attention when buying sweets and chocolates; and prefer buying them from large supermarkets which would have a running stock of the goodies. Besides this concern, a recognized name is the first priority- the name assures quality.

Sweet Factory founded in 1986 in U.K is currently the world’s leading brand for ‘Pick N Mix’ sweets. Buying goodies at sweet factory is fairly simple: Mix. Weigh. Pay- a one price concept is applied. Sweet factory’s arrival in Pakistan was welcomed with a roaring success from the old and young alike.

The sweet factory stations initially opened up in Forum and Park Towers– squealing children dragged their parents to a bedazzling set up of sweets and chocolates. From that day onwards, Sweet factory has been booming- the latest station has opened up at Dolmen Mall Clifton, up on the second floor near Noodle House.

Easily recognizable, Sweet factory offers the wildest range of candies, jellies, chewy marshmallows and chocolates for kids and adults. Sweetest expedition for the children- hand them a bag and witness their happiness. Gummy worms, sugary strawberry jellies, chewy coloured marshmallows or the glossy multi coloured chocolate buttons are some of the products which make it on the top list for children. Mouthfuls of coloured gum balls will keep the children busy for hours. However more, adults will find sweet delights to their liking as well; these are the chocolate blocks or chocolate coated hazelnuts and almonds.

Sweet Factory - Dolmen Mall Clifton Karachi

While the children rove around fixing up their bags, adults will find something to suit their sweet tooth needs. Be prepared to handle extremely hyper children after a big sugar rush

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