Tackling Corruption Through Innovation: A Discussion and Film Screening of ‘Us Now’

TESTING 123: Global Integrity Innovation Fund

Are you fed up with being forced to pay bribes for basic government services? Have you ever had a half-crazy idea about how to tackle corruption-related issues in Pakistan, and wished you had the resources to test it out?

Join The Second Floor (T2F)  for a discussion about TESTING 123: Global Integrity Innovation Fund, which is offering up to US$ 10,000 for radical new ideas to mitigate or diagnose the challenges of transparency and accountability. Global Integrity is an independent non-profit organization based in Washington DC and Cape Town, South Africa that champions transparent and accountable government around the world by producing innovative research and technologies that inform, connect, and empower civic, private, and public reformers seeking more open societies. The discussion will be led by journalist Fahad Desmukh, who is the “Connector” for the innovation fund in Pakistan and the region.

The discussion will be followed by a screening of the 2009 documentary film, Us Now. It explores how the Internet may fundamentally change the way governments operate by facilitating the creation of more open, transparent, and direct forms of democratic governance. The film includes interviews of politician Ed Miliband, new media expert Clay Shirky, Linux developer Alan Cox, and others.

Film Duration: 60 minutes
Date: Friday, 19th October, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm
Venue: The Second Floor (T2F),10-C, Sunset Lane 5, Phase 2 Extension, DHA, Karachi-75500.

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