TCBY – The Country’s Best Yogurt!

Being a sweet tooth is nothing short of a curse- every time when after a meal people order tea or a digestive green tea, the person with the sweet tooth is reduced to utter sadness because all that person craves is a cup of ice-cream or cream caramel or maybe meethai.

Sadly very few people prefer sweets after dinner for two reasons- firstly it is unhealthy to have sweet dishes so often and secondly it is a spoiled habit. A person with a sweet tooth would know exactly what the craving is like, it is this unimaginable urge to get their hands on something sweet or else feel the craving last throughout the day or night.

TCBY - The Country's Best Yogurt in Karachi Pakistan

Many people with a sweet tooth have a tendency to carry either a sweet or a chocolate or a mint mouth freshener in their bags to satisfy the cravings. It is very unlikely that a person would be able to get their hands on a small bowl of ice-cream or any sweet for that matter after a meal- these people are either very lucky or extremely health to be tolerant to such high levels of sugar intake.

Doctors and dieticians provide alternatives to this craving, but none work as well as the real deal. God help such sweet lovers when they go out for work or an outing, the ability to resist the sweets around is a mammoth task. So what if a person does go out and comes face to face with a lovely soft chocolate donut or a glass of thick mocha caramel frappe, what is the next step we ask ourselves? Succumb to the temptation or hold onto that New Year’s resolution. It is sheer cruelty. There has got to be a sweet healthy way out of this jeopardy.

The introduction of frozen yogurt had taken K-town by a storm, since people rushed pell-mell to the tiny stalls located in the high end malls. While most people rejected the texture and flavors of frozen yogurt, many seemed to have taken a liking to it and then becoming hard core loyal fans.

For such loyal frozen yogurt enthusiasts a trip to the mall was never over until a small cup was not devoured and the need for sugar not satisfied in a healthy way. The frozen yogurt by many international brands were topped with a wide variety of sweets, jellies, cookies, fresh fruits, nuts or sprinkles. Not only did this add color but also gave that extra sugar rush.

The number of customers was far lesser than the number of frozen yogurt companies and so many closed down operations shortly. One of the best remained standing and that is TCBY. The froyo at TCBY is available in different and unique flavors like rocky road, rainbow or peach and strawberry to name a few.


Also available with the frozen yogurt at TCBY are the most delicious chocolate chip cookies by Mrs Fields. The cookie selection is equally wide and offers oven fresh moist cookies all the time. A frozen yogurt accompanied by a cookie cannot be missed at all. The TCBY outlet is located at main Zamzama or in the dolmen mall food court.

TCBY - The Country's Best Yogurt in Karachi Pakistan


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