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Tee-Emm Mart by Moin Khan

Tee-Emm Mart by Moin Khan - Creek Vistas Apartments Phase 08 DHA KarachiHouse work involves a great many tedious and boring chores, particularly if it has something to do with daily, weekly or monthly grocery shopping. A monotonous and exhaustive exercise which often takes up a good part of the day; many people have a tenacity to delay grocery shopping up until it becomes an inevitable task.

Come to think of it, when people travel abroad, the basic supermarkets are also lucrative to tourists which brings one forth to think over what is it that supermarkets here lack. With the passage of time supermarkets here have up scaled their images and products – yet still it leaves one wondering as to what is the star factor in making a trip for groceries not so monotonous.

Best Supermarkets in DHA Karachi & Clifton

The answer to this query pops up from a visit to Tee-Emm Mart located at the Creek Vistas Apartments on main Khayaban-e-Shaheen, Phase 8, DHA Karachi. TEE-EMM Mart was the first supermarket to open in the not so crowded phase eight, years ago.

Tee-Emm Mart by Moin Khan - Creek Vistas Apartments Phase 08 DHA Karachi

To begin with, it started off simply with providing basic grocery needs for households which brought a sigh of relief to the few residents around. Initially the product variety was scarce and one would be pleased to get the daily amenities such as eggs and bread at such a close distance – prior to this, it was a humungous task.

Address: Creek Vistas Apartments, Main Khayaban-e-Shaheen, Phase 8, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0302-8333666
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeeEmmMart/

Gradually over the years as the word spread about TEE-EMM Mart, a major shift in its image could be seen, very slowly imported products started appearing on the shelves and this was just for starts. The once empty and bare shop has now transformed into a popular Supermarket- reason being its product variety and above all the shopping experience.

At TEE-EMM Mart, customers can scroll through rows of local and imported products – anywhere from baby pampers to cosmetic and jewellery. Other than the products, TEE-EMM mart provides a complete shopping experience to its customers – how so one asks. Right at the end of the shop is a small Bakery confectionery stand by the name of Ristoro; customers can enjoy cookies, sandwiches or choose from a wide set up of fresh salads. In addition to this, very recently, the famous Walls Ice-Cream Parlor also opened up in TEE-EMM mart. Customers can enjoy a thick magnum milk shake or a chocolate ice-cream cone as they stroll by doing their groceries.

Pet owners will not be disappointed since the pet section caters to the food mood swings of one’s pet. Staff members are courteous and always ready to help customers find their desired products. A visit to TEE-EMM Mart will not be complete without stopping by the discount section wherein imported and local products are up for discounted sales. The pharmacy is well equipped with medicines and seldom fails a customer.

Food, shopping and ice-cream all come together to give the customers a complete shopping experience. TEE-EMM mart has revolutionized the concept behind supermarkets as it strives each day to make a visit worthy in terms of money and experiences. Very soon another outlet of TEE-EMM Mart will be seen at Bukhari Commercial Area. The concept of a new outlet is a strategic decision – for it will cater to people located further away from the main outlet in Phase 8.

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