TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday!

Come the beginning of the week begin the Monday blues which last right down till Friday for most of the people. The week when it begins from Monday seems like a narrow never ending gloomy passage and the only ray of hope is the looming weekend.

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Be it the young ones of the family or the working individuals Mondays begin with the blues. Sadly there is no halting the weekend or else many would have gladly held onto the Sunday nights. Most often with the setting sun of the Sunday evening begins the dread of what needs to be done from Monday.

Quite literally it is a nuisance, making people erratic and less tolerant towards others. Sometimes it is the upcoming work pressures or the stress of exams which lands many in a state of depression. The atmosphere in offices on Monday morning is dull as people slowly drag themselves to their work stations- kind of like scaling the mountainous peaks of Everest.

Getting through the week is an uphill task which ends after reaching Friday, similar to reaching the summit peak. The week itself is hectic and chaotic-there is this and that to do plus the unplanned work and problems which make an appearance unannounced. Monday is the worse day to begin with for the office going people and the children, but by Wednesday there seems to a lingering smile on every face from the thought of the upcoming weekend. Finally comes the blessed Friday and one word is chanted Hallelujah!!

TGIF - Thank God It’s Friday - Boat Basin Clifton Karachi  Logo

Leave the work and stress in the offices and head home straight away for a relaxed weekend with family and friends. So whenever it is the blessed beginning of the weekend- Thank God It’s Friday!! Sounds familiar? Rings a bell does it not. Surely it does more than ring a bell- mouth-watering at the mention of the name Thank God It’s Friday.

Address: Main Boat Basin, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35862349

For all those who are astonished and still wondering the connection between Thank God It’s Friday and mouthwatering should not look clueless because Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF) is the name of a very well reputed international food chain. Thank God It’s Friday or better known as TGIF is home to the best steaks and burgers around the world. The décor at TGIF restaurants around the world are causal inducing a sense of calmness among the visitors.

Very soon TGIF will be opening its door to the gourmet lovers of K-town. Yes! TGIF will be opening up for the public really soon, so far the publicity has reached a peak on the social media. People have been waiting anxiously for the opening because the response for the soft launch as per the social media reviews has been outstanding.

As of now, all that the people can do is wait patiently to get their hands on the juicy steaks and burgers from the best. The restaurant is located at Boat Basin- for further updates stay tuned and make a dash to get the first tables at the official launch!

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