The Black Prado Replaced White Corolla in DHA Karachi

The Black Prado Replaced White Corolla in DHA Karachi

The black Prado has replaced the white Corolla in Karachi. We are told that such vehicles are being used by a gang who target single women in cars and force them to stop and then kidnap them. Social media is flooded with stories of such incidents. In some such stories, there is the involvement of the police as well.

None of this is confirmed. Senior officials say that not one such case has been confirmed either with them, the CPLC or even the media. They say that the panic being created is without foundation.

Despite this categorical denial, women drivers have reported instances where they were followed by SUVs with tinted glasses and government number plates. This has been independently confirmed. But there have been no reports of criminal assault. And yet, there never is.

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  1. Yasir Mansoor says:

    I was followed by White Hilux at Phase 2, near Bait-Us-Salam @ 2am! He chased till sunset club, as soon as i accelerated, he went on to a different lane!

    The point is, there is not just single car or color to be aware of! We should keep a chk at rear view mirror before stopping-by at any place! & even better do recite Ayat-ul-Kursi, before you leave!

    Allah paak humsab ko apne hifz-o-amaan mein rakhe!

  2. Sadia says:

    Kalam-e-Ilahi is the only protector in these times

  3. zulfiqar says:

    These are your ordinary teenagers who’s father have told them u can do what ever yuo want. They have police availible as their gaurds some time also involved in the crime with them. Only in this government i have seen Gun wielding thugs riding in toyota hilx picups pointing their guns towards the cars comming with small childeren behind them. They rule streets of defence , they control traffic , and will shoot you if u try to overtake them. I have seen government vihilces from all departments having police hooter and lights on them what on earth give them such right. The bottom line is PPP government thinks Karachi as their conquered land and Karachites as their subjudicate. They will treat you like dirt till u take it. One Notification for such kind of vehicles from our dear old Governor for 11 years can change it , but it will never happen, Mians,Zardaris, Khosa’s,Magsis,Khars,Jatois they are all the same. So wake up and get rid of them.

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