The Burger Shack

This is the time before the burger wars even began; the good old times when the best burgers were served at known fast food chains for the price of an arm and a leg, yet people thronged the outlets. It was during these simple times for the simple people that the burgers were elevated to such a status making them part of the fine dining experience- which at that moment seemed like a justified decision.

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With the cash till ringing and customer inflow at the peak, little attention was being paid to the deteriorating quality of food and service, the feedback on social networking websites back then hardly made a difference. All in all, the business was booming. People were happy customers as long as they could get their hands on the burgers without giving a second thought about the cost or the quality.

It was during this time of outrageous burger prices that a little group decided to step in and challenge themselves to create a niche for all the burger lovers out there by providing them with great quality at a pocket friendly price. The idea was well conceptualized and very soon a little ‘Shack’ opened up in a quiet alley in DHA.

The ‘Shack’ as we call it began to bring to life their idea of providing burgers. The million dollar question here remains, how a small shack in a quiet alley will manage to create niche in the face of such extreme pressure from the fast food chains. The answer was fairly simple: create delicious burgers and appetizing side line which would be difficult to refuse, also add new combination of flavors to kill the monotony. With the exact same strategy, this little shack began its journey of creating flavorful burgers.

The Burger Shack - Seher Commercial Street 4, Phase 7, DHA Karachi.

Today this small outlet is known as ‘THE BURGER SHACK’ and also accredited with the title of pioneer for starting the burger wars in K-town. THE BURGER SHACK or better known as TBS, is home to the best burgers in town for a multitude of reasons.

Address: Sehar Commercial Street 4, Phase 7, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35845981

To begin with, TBS offers two distinct types of burgers- either grilled or crunch. Then follows the choices of toppings which could range from Buffalo, Honey and Mustard, Smokey, Classic or Jalapeno. The newest addition to the range of burgers at TBS are: Shack Shroom (mushroom and cheese), Shack Full House (Pepperoni and cheese), or Shack Chili Con Carne.

The burgers at TBS have the specialty of having the freshest buns and prime quality beef. Side lines at TBS are absolutely wild- the Jalapeno balls, Tangy Loaded Fries, Shack Fries, Shack Corn Frank or the Shack Mozzarella sticks. Compliment any burger meal with an additional side line and enjoy the double flavors guilt free.

A meal at TBS only ends after a quick refreshing SHACK BREEZE (ice-slushes) or a rich deep shake. With all of the condiments added to the burger meal, it is still not heavy on the pocket and full of taste. TBS is a must visit for the burger aficionado’s.

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  1. Aamina says:

    Today I ordered Chicken Jalepeno and beef fullhouse. The chicken burger was good, after I got some extra jalepeno. Whereas, the beef one was very very bad. The patty was very small, there was no cheese and hardly any jalepeno.

    After so long my dad asked me to get him a burger and I suggested him “the burger shack”. Now I feel so bad!

    Later I called to complain. Every good restaurant compensates, especially if its a local. But these people were very rude. They did not even offer me anything. They knew already they said that the beef patties came small today but not once before the order did they inform me. On phone call the man said that next time we will give you a big patties.

    But I am talking about this time! What about my 280 rupees and what about the fact that I could not give my dad a good burger to eat?

    I always went to them, but I guess Karachi is a city of deceivers! I will not buy anything from the burger shack anymore, they broke my heart and did not even compensate in any way! They knew the patties are not good today but they still sold it to me – Liars! I will never ever go to them again. Why would anyone want to eat from a place that deceives you? Wouldn’t you rather eat from a place that will at least not lie to you?

    You all can eat it if you like it a lot. I won’t. It is not a good thing to build their business when they are such liars! Why buy from them? There are so many other burger places. Why do Karachiites always let others demean them? Why don’t they ever stand up for their rights?

    The burger shack – you can stick that yucky small pattied beef burger in your butt for all I care! LOSERS!!!!

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