The Centre for Advance Studies (CAS) School

The Centre for Advance Studies (CAS) School - Phase 8, DHA Karachi.

The Centre for Advance Studies (CAS) School, a small but significant step to widen the intellectual horizon of our students. The Programme of Studies offers a wide variety of Learning Modules, music, foreign languages, seminars, Student Exchange Programme, Internship, sports and community service are offered as part of the Programme of Studies. It is hoped that by experiencing this larger context of learning, students will grow up with confidence, self-esteem, leadership initiatives, and an interest in the broader aspects of social, cultural and developmental issues.

The Centre for Advance Studies (CAS) School main campus is located in Phase 8, DHA. It is a purpose built campus designed by renowned Pakistani architect Habib Fida Ali. The campus is fully wheelchair accessible and has an elevator. The building houses 800 students and 100 staff members.

Main Campus

Junior Section (Class 3 – Class 6)
Senior Section Class 7 – Class 11)
Address: 205, Saba Avenue, Phase 8, DHA Karachi. [Location Map]
Phone: 021-35251491 to 93 (3 lines)
Fax: 021-35251496
Emergency No: 0332-3534609

KG Section

Kindergarten Section (Playgroup – Class 2)
Address: 207, 31st Street, Phase 8, DHA Karachi. [Location Map]
Phone: 021-35251532 to 34 (3 lines)
Emergency No: 0331-2468397 and 0347-2322293

Not only in Pakistan but in most parts of the world, grades and narrowly-defined academic achievement have become the major objective of education. Issues which interest children are seldom addressed. Music and sports, nature conservation and animal care, cultural and political developments, debate and discussions, are at best offered in schools as ‘extra-curricular activities’. To that extent, there seems to be a major disconnect between what schools have to offer, and what interests children beyond classroom instruction.

The CAS School building has a 200 person seated capacity Audio Visual Room. The room is fully air-conditioned and is used for student performances through out the year. The building has 34 classrooms, with locker facilities for the students. In addition, the building also has 7 dedicated classrooms for remedial teaching and counseling.

30 machine server based computer room. The library has over 10,000 titles. periodicals are subscribed to and a few computer terminals. The library also has quiet areas for students and staff to research or study. The building has a 1000 square yards ground with paved and rough surfaces. In addition for break time, the ground has basket ball courts and a canteen for basic snacks.

On site maintenance crew, 200 kva back-up generator, Canteen, Fully tempered safety glass in the building, Fully equipped with Fire Extinguishers and Emergency response system.

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  1. DR FIZZAH HASAN says:



  2. Agha Irshad Ahmed Khan says:

    Please notify me as soon as admissions for class 7 start.

    Director of Convenience Food Industries, Pvt. Limited

  3. justice for children says:

    The Affects of Psychological Abuse Inflicted by Corrupt School Management on Young Adults in Karachi.

    A present study was conducted to explore the relationship between psychological abuse toward children in their academic institutions and the mental health problems they face in their adolescent years. Five hundred students within the age range of 13-18 years from both public and private schools of Karachi participated in this study. Children were chosen at random and discussed their experiences within the educational institutions. Findings revealed that psychological abuse, maltreatment, demoralizing the students and personal attacks significantly relate to mental health problems in adolescents leading to depressive young adults. A shocking report of 68% students (within the age range of 13-15 years) and 77% students (within the age range of 16-18 years) in public schools are suffering from psychological abuse inflicted by teachers. More alarming is the appalling statistics on private schools where 47% students (aged 13-15 years), 59% (aged 16-18 years) are caught in this vicious web which is a result of a lack of system and authoritative power to report such incidences. Most of our respondents described such personal making them feel worthless, flawed and resulted in extreme low self esteem. Verbal abuse was also a primary concern and should not be tolerated in educational institutions. There should be a fine line between abuse and discipline in both public and private schools in Karachi. Furthermore, the Head of school is solely responsible in wrongly dealing with such matters and decisions taken based on prejudice should be prohibited. To better the educational systems, laws should be put in place and followed to protect children’s’ rights. Instead, the principal and staff of schools have a unified behavior and approach leading to negative outcomes to youth development such as impaired emotions, social and cognitive development including helplessness, aggression, emotional irresponsiveness and neuroticism.

    Research consistently suggests that, teachers neglecting children’s’ personal growth in institutions has several negative effects such as low self esteem, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) depression, increased aggression and suicidal tendencies. Consequently, the academic consequences are increased psychological distress which results in poor school performance and has an adverse impact on a child’s ability to communicate effectively in both school and social settings; leaving the child emotionally unstable. In most public and private academic institutions in Karachi, it was observed that this subject is still a taboo. In 99% of the observed cases, these issues are left unreported as parents fear that the children would drop out of school. On the other hand, the parents of 99% of our respondents mentioned that they filed an official complaint to the Head of the school and the result was the principal threatening to suspend and/or expel the student. It is apparent that, schools do not fairly act upon complaints against their teachers as they fear the school’s reputation being tarnished.
    The highly reputed school; Centre of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Karachi headed by Mr. Sami Mustafa charges outrageous fees only to inflict psychological abuse upon its children. On the other hand, Karachi Grammar School (KGS), Bayview Academy which rank top 5 in the city have maintained a well developed student friendly environment, where student welfare is a first and utmost priority. Survey findings suggest that, CAS has previously been good however; currently its standards are drastically falling due to the abusive actions of its teachers and the neglecting attitude of the principal, Sami Mustafa. It seems that the school has dropped its standards as it assumes it has gained ‘sufficient’ recognition. CAS has become a cause of concern for countless parents who are afraid to voice their concerns. With the help of Justice for Children; we will voice our concerns against this school’s management and create awareness of the decreasing standards of the school. In the name of ‘standard’ and ‘discipline’, Sami Mustafa and his staff members have created a vicious web that prohibits the growth and development of its students, only for the sake of maintaining the school name. As reported, many students are left depressingly ill to the extent that some have tried to inflict harm upon them to free them from the depressive state caused by the staff members in CAS. Students are caught in a web of fear, anxiety and solitude as their future is in the hands of corrupt management.
    The negative findings of our study should be acted upon in a fair and consistent manner. There should be a fair school board in place to keep corrupt and money hungry management such as that of Sami Mustafa in check. Our children deserve the right to be protected. Our children deserve fair and equal opportunities. If Malala Yousafzai can fight for education, her fight will be left unheard if the management and staff members of academic institutions in our country are abusive. Many children have to undergo therapy and counseling due to the immense damage caused by corrupt management and staff members of both the public and private academic institutions in Karachi. Children are torn between getting good grades and maintaining mental stability in school due to the negative stress inflicted by abusive teachers and principals. The academic system in place at CAS needs to be re-evaluated; we put forth an action which is boycotting such intuitions to show them importance of standard and discipline that should be in place. The management of CAS should follow and adhere to the standards of reputable schools such as Karachi Grammar School and Bayview Academy. Do not let your children be prey to academic institutions which are run under the supervision of abusive and corrupt management, such as Centre of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Karachi. We suggest all parents to do their research before enrolling their children in academic institutions and beware of such abusive management before they reach a conclusion.

    How can we expect our children to perform their best for a successful future when fear and negativity takes over their incentives to work hard? These issues need to be drastically attended for keeping in mind that, we live in a country where education and children are considered a least of priority. The educational systems in place should contribute to a healthy and productive environment for our children and future generations to come.

    We need change now- stop these monsters from ruining our country’s youth! Save your children from the wrath of CAS (Centre of Advanced Studies).


    I am looking forward get admission my child . Please inform admission announcement in 2017 for Kindergarden.

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