The Chapli Kebab House

Anyone who has ever visited Peshawar will talk endlessly about the scrumptious Chapli Kebabs; authentic in style and flavour to that region only. Well Chapli Kebabs have been the most loved food item in the Pakistani culture after Biryani, Qorma and Paaye.

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Who wouldn’t love the chunky meat patty topped with a tomato slice, fried till brown on the outside. The best way to enjoy a Chapli Kebab is with thin crusty but hot naan straight from the tandoor; top the Chapli Kebab with some finely sliced onion rings and a slight sprinkle of lemon juice and voila! There it is the perfect wholesome desi meal.

Chapli Kebab House - Tauheed Commercial Area, DHA Karachi

Mouth-watering and mind numbing goodness of the chunky best quality ground beef will tantalize the taste buds, leaving them wanting for more. Sadly these delicious Chapli kebabs have been altered to a great degree by the local people to suit and their palates and the real goodness and true flavour is lost in the abyss.

Numerous chefs and food television programs have tried to replicate the exact flavour, but somewhere along the lines, they lose the originality adding twist uncalled for. Seriously, how difficult can it be to prepare authentic Chapli Kebabs? Honestly, it is a magnanimous task- the right selection of ingredients in the perfect quantity without over powering any element because it would spell disaster otherwise.

Throughout the city of Karachi, many joints and dhaba’s boast on their menu the famous Chapli kebabs straight from Peshawar, but lest not be misguided by the many claims. One bite is all it will take for anyone to distinguish between the real Chapli and one altered to suit the local palate. Not saying that the Chapli kebabs available throughout the city are not worth it, they are delicious and tasty, but it just not the same thing as those made in Peshawar.

Chapli Kebab House - Tauheed Commercial Area, DHA Karachi

People in Karachi have now become used to the Chapli Kebabs being served around the city because that is what is available in the name of the famous delicacy of Peshawar. Many a times, people complain about the meat giving off an unappetizing smell, being cooked to a medium state which often looks raw; the end result is disappointed customers and the dish being sent back as it is. Waste of money, time and a loss of appetite.

It is depressing to think of the disasters that are being served in the name of Chapli Kebabs, but not anymore, Chapli Kebab House is here to serve you the best Chapli Kebabs.

Address: 12-C, 32nd Street & 25th Street Corner, Tauheed Commercial Area, Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35378790

A far simple way of reaching this heaven would be to take the lane of the famous Evolution Restaurant, going straight down and the restaurant will appear on the left side. Simple enough as the address as is, this restaurant offers the authentic Peshawari Chapli Kebabs in Chicken, Mutton or Beef.

The Chapli Kebabs here are made out of the highest quality of ground beef marinated with the right balance of spices and deep fried the original way! Is this heaven or not? A bit of Peshawar right here in our home town. People from far come just to enjoy the Chapli kebabs from this haven because this is the best and authentic. This weekend plan out a Chapli kebab fiesta and enjoy the juicy meaty patty with a naan.

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