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The people of the sub-continent love their food smothered in deep rich spices and cooked till well done. Bland or lightly flavored food is not acceptable to the masses. Consider the love for spices by the fact that the people have taken to adding local spices to the Chinese or English cuisines.

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Steaks are now first marinated in a blend of local and English spices creating an odd flavor which is rather difficult to digest and palate. The love for spices will never end because it is deeply ingrained. Even if the English (read bland) version of food was to be introduced it will be immediately refused by most of the people give or take a few groups who would either have a developed taste or are willing to try something new.

Besides these two groups, the masses will not take it lightly to the lightly seasoned food. The meat patty for burgers are also incorporated with the local spices to add flavor when in actual the burger patty is to be flame grilled and seasoned on the flame simply with black pepper and salt on each side, but such a seasoning is a no never.

The Chosen Bun - Bukhari Commercial Area Phase VI - DHA KarachiThe local television chefs have taken it upon themselves to destroy the sanctity of the actual burgers by adding local twist- it is a twist of terrible flavors alright. Surprisingly people are ready to palate these dreadful meat patties in crumbling stale factory manufactured buns rather than set out to try the real deal in burgers.

With the burger wars raging at its peak, the entrance of a new burger business on the block is nowhere as surprising as the guts to step in an arena already thronged and claimed by the established local and international food chains. It takes a lot of will to step in and offer something truly authentic in terms of flavor and cooking technique, exactly how it was meant to be rather than what it is made now. The Chosen Bun or TCB is the newest entrant in the arena for burger wars.

Address: Shop No. 1 & 5, Sehar Lane 4, Sehar Commercial Area, Phase 7, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35243202, 0336-3990219

The Chosen Bun is offering take away services only so far. But rest assured that The Chosen Bun is here to stay and this claim is backed by the soft burger buns which encompass a truly spectacularly grilled meat patty smothered in rich original sauces.

To begin with the customers can chose between a beef or chicken patty as per their meat choices and then step in to pick out the flavors. The most inviting and delicious of the burgers are the French Onion and the Classic Crunch. The quality of the meat patty is prime and the sauces are authentic to their country of origin. The burgers can be complimented with a side of French fries or curly fries.

For a quick and delicious take away the food is divine and moderately priced. A pit stop for food here will not be disappointing.

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