The Crafter’s Expo 2013

The Crafter's Expo 2013 - DHA Karachi

The Crafter’s Expo is a yearly feat in Karachi that works as a platform for Crafters and Craft enthusiasts to exhibit and honor their talent and skill. It facilitates home owned businesses as well as NGO’s and Grass Root level organizations to support local craftsman and artisans. The event will take place at The Royal Rodale Club on 15th December, 2013 from 2:00pm onwards.

The novel concept of the Crafter’s Expo caters to an audience of all ages and has witnessed a magnanimous visitor turn out of over 2500 people last year during its one-day exhibit. The crowd expected this year is nearly twice in number and a virtual/marketing outreach is expected to be of 20k+ individuals.

The expo features paper crafts, handmade home décor, clay and terracotta gift pieces and even diversifies into handmade fashion accessories, trinkets, home textiles, and this year, innovative and contemporary apparel. There were over 60 brands, crafters, individual artists, and NGO’s participated last year.

The Crafter's Expo 2013 - The Royal Rodale Club

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