The Custom of Independence: Special Edition by Top Clothing Brands 2018

We all are human beings and have some in-born traditions and rituals we like to follow religiously; dressing according to the occasion is one of them. Whatever the event be, the first thing that comes to mind is “Hey, what about clothes?”

Independence Day celebrations have peaked dramatically since last few years and people tend to shop for it just like Eid, weddings or parties. Therefore customized dressing for this day has also become a must. Fashion brands were quick to notice the demand and have been evolving designs for Azaadi collection each year. You are about to get a peek in the collections of the brands here in DHA and Clifton which have produced custom clothing for this Independence Day. Scroll downwards, please:


Always an advocate of tradition, J. has launched special collection for Men, Women and Kids. Simple and elegant.


Speaking the flag through and through, the Eden robe designs are posh and trendy. Total freedom to look smart!



Its hand painted, it’s unique, it’s funky, and it’s Kayseria! They have launched their Watan Collection posing the simple flag on shirts. You have to have a go at one of those.


Their Azaadi collection: Impressions is hitting the high skies right now. The mix of contrasting prints is fabulous. Your heart is bound to melt for these clothes.


You have to look through each and every piece of this Hommage collection twice and even then you would be indecisive about which one to buy. They are all THAT awesome.



True to its name, this happy-go-lucky style clothing store has put together a pencil-drawn type print of the Pakistani map on tees. Walk around proudly flaunting the nation’s geography all over yourself.


This awesome brand has displayed a wide array of freedom colors on their customised tote bags, shirts and scarves. You would really want to grab all of them off the racks!

Dressing up for an event brings excitement and joy to one’s heart and this event is especially important to us and a source of eternal peace and safety. Therefore you are free to go ahead and splurge all over custom clothing this August.

Jashn-e-Azaadi Mubarak Ho!

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