The Debating Circuit: Conspiracy Theories and Fake News at T2F

Conspiracy Theories and Fake News – Why people believe what they believe

The post truth world is no more a thing of dystopian fiction, with fake news being rampant, the election of Trump, the manipulation of media to fit agendas – it has become difficult to separate the truth from untruths. 
This month’s session will focus on why people believe conspiracy theories, ranging from flat-earthers, to holocaust deniers, moon landing disbelievers and people who admire Alex Jones the talk will be a dialogue between Syed Hassan Ali, an academic philosopher and Hassaan Bin Shaheen, a lawyer and comedian.

About the Organisation: 
Formed in 2011, The Debating Circuit from being Karachi’s first debating Union has evolved into a purpose-led organisation focused on promoting critical thinking and dialogue in Pakistan. With debate education vested in a few institutions, they aim to make it accessible through our events and talks and consolidate the debating community in Karachi. The Debating Circuit is Karachi’s primary debating organisations and operates with its network of coaches across multiple schools and universities in Karachi. The Debating Circuit is managed by Ehab Ansari, Hassaan Bin Shaheen and Syed Hassan Ali

The talk will be an hour long discussion, followed by QnA from the audience. The talk will then follow a 30 minute mini debate featuring some of Karachi’s finest debating talent and coaches. 

Date: Wednesday, 19th December 2018
Time: 06:00 PM – 08:30 PM
Venue: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Rs.100/- donation to T2F

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