The Debating Circuit Relaunch – 2018 and Beyond

The Debating Circuit Launch Event is an opportunity for anyone interested in contributing in expanding the role of debating in Karachi. Aimed at our stakeholders and future members, the event will outline TDC’s vision for debating in Karachi and its plan for the coming year. They aim to make debating a city wide activity and work towards creating a community of critical thinkers who wish to create impact through debating by creating access for women and marginalized groups. They aim to democratize debate education and make TDC a hub of discourse, training and wider debate. Debating for long has become an activity of personal glory and self-interest, and by working with the wider community we wish to change that.

The event will follow a 30 minute presentation, a 20 minute QnA and an impromptu debate training session to launch the year’s activities.

About the Organisation/Instructor/Group: 
Formed in 2011, The Debating Circuit from being Karachi’s first debating Union has evolved into a purpose-led organization focused on promoting critical thinking and dialogue in Pakistan. With debate education vested in a few institutions, thye aim to make it accessible through their events and talks and consolidate the debating community in Karachi. The Debating Circuit is Karachi’s primary debating organizations and operates with its network of coaches across multiple schools and universities in Karachi. The Debating Circuit is managed by Ehab Ansari, Hassaan Bin Shaheen and Syed Hassan Ali.

Date: Wednesday, 17th October 2018
Time: 06:30 PM – 08:30 PM
Place: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Rs.100/- Donation to T2F
Facebook Event:

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