The DHAToday Show [Episode 07] – All You Need To Know About DHA Karachi Phase 8 Ext. (Sahil Streets)

DHA Karachi Phase VIII is the best planed area of Defence. This is the largest phase comprising on 4150 Acres approximately, which is almost 60% of all the phases combined. In this phase all types of plots are available like Residential, Commercial, Amenity, Big FL Sites, Exclusive Commercial Area of Business Zoneand specific lands for Masjids, Schools, Hospitals and Parks.

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Just adjacent to Phase VIII along with Beach Avenue, Phase VIII Extension has been allotted in early 90s. Very well known as Sahil Streets. This area is focused on smaller plots. The new cutting of 300 square yards (residential plot) has been introduced, and the other category of residential plot is 500 square yards only. At the commercial side only 100 square yards of plots are there. The piece of land, have length of around 2.6 Kilometers and in width around 0.3 Kilometers.

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Phase VIII-Ext. comprising on 220 Acres approximately. 60% area utilized for the plotting and rest of the area is for the Roads, Parks and Parking. The minimum size of road is 35 feet wide. This area is along with Beach Avenue (120 feet wide road) and the other side Sahil Avenue (60 feet wide road) along the beach. Other Khayabans are also passed in it, like Khayaban-e-Iqbal, Khayaban-e-Khalid, Khayaban-e-Babar and Khayaban-e-Faisal. All the streets in the area are known as Sahil Streets and there are total 37 Sahil Streets with cutting of 300 and 500 square yards plots. Click here to view the detailed map of DHA Karachi Phase 8 Extension.

The development work is being in progress and the infrastructure will be completed in 2013. Because of this development work, this area is on high demand and prices are continuously on rise, and in last few months (October 2011 to July 2012) prices have been increased 60% approximately and continue on Rise. Here are the total number of plots, their sizes, and the price range.

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