The East End – Offering Bohra, Keamari & Gharo Inspired Cuisines!

Being a foodie is not an easy task, it requires having a great taste and experience of some authentic diverse cuisines other than the local one. For some people food is simply about consuming what is laid out in front of them- a physiological need of the humans while many consider it their honorable duty to eat the best cuisines and enlighten their fellow foodies about it so that they may enjoy and experience the same level of food coma as them.

Best Restaurants in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Quite frankly people have had enough with all the continental and Chinese fine dining restaurants in Karachi. At every nook and cranny of the city, a joint pops up offering the monotonous selection of steaks and burgers under the disguise of fancy names. However very few joints are serving great food while most have duplicated items and changed the names whilst serving the same taste and food found anywhere else.

Ironically the people are still thronging these outlets in droves because they are starved off great entertainment, thus eating out is the only available entertainment option they have. Food for thought- not stomach- would be why have the people turned away from the traditional food and original recipes which were once created at home.

Karachi has been home to a culturally diverse population since aeon’s which makes the cuisine a multi-cultural hot pot. This simmering cauldron of cultures which we call home- Karachi has the obscured and forgotten cuisines from the early settler’s communities. Sadly these cuisines are rarely known or experienced by the masses because people are under the influence of ginormous beef steaks or humungous burger patties- highly saturated in fats, offering a perfect recipe for a coronary attack.

The East End Clifton Karachi - Offering Bohra, Keamari & Gharo Inspired Cuisines!

So what makes these forgotten cuisines special, for starters, these cuisines are healthy options to begin with, not doubt extremely rich but they are not just about the meatiness of the patties. There is the flavor and subtle induced food coma to be experienced with these forgotten cuisines. Catering to this very whim of forgotten cuisines is The East End; a new restaurant located at Clifton.

Address: CC2, Block-8, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35296262, 0332-2897370

The East End is the fresh breeze in the culinary world, all of has have been waiting for. The East End offers Pakistani and Indian cuisines but without any twist. Surprised and astonished as to why this place is a must visit? For the very reason we are about to reveal; The East End prepares authentic cuisine from the forgotten culinary wonders not known or tasted by the masses.

Welcome to the cuisines from the Bohra community – simple yet bursting with honest to goodness flavors. Besides the bohra culinary extravaganza is the selection of the best coastal delicacies crabs and prawns all of which are served in generous helping and the flavors are true to the early settler’s version.

The East End Clifton Karachi - Offering Bohra, Keamari & Gharo Inspired Cuisines! (4) The East End Clifton Karachi - Offering Bohra, Keamari & Gharo Inspired Cuisines! (3) The East End Clifton Karachi - Offering Bohra, Keamari & Gharo Inspired Cuisines! (2)

The East End has just started out and is receiving great response from the people of K-town. The ambiance is welcoming and the décor is bound to bring a sigh of relief because of the splendid aesthetics. The East End is a must visit and they are in the process of elaborating the menu but without losing the authenticity and flavours.

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