The Ignored Conversation: Drug Abuse and Pathways to reform at T2F

The event is an inauguration of two campaigns led by the Higher Cause:

1) Say Know to Drugs: The aim of this campaign is to spread information and raise awareness about drugs, drug use and drug abuse. The event will discuss the present state of drug use in Pakistan, evaluate policies currently in place, including the War on Drugs, and suggest alternatives including Harm Reduction and Rehab. The event will also explore the history of drug use, meaning of the term drugs as well as their therapeutic and medical potential. Lastly, the event will discuss culture, society, drug use and suggest evidence based policies that will protect individuals and communities from the possible harms of drug use.

2) Rehab For Everyone: In collaboration with the Gender Interactive Alliance and the Healing Home Rehab Center, the event will host the first public fundraiser for the first all Khwaja Sira Rehab ward.

The event will comprise of a presentation by the Higher Cause followed by a panel discussion featuring Arieb Azhar, Manal Khan, Ahmer Naqvi, Bindiya Rana and Liquat Ilyas.

About the Panelists:
Arieb Azhar:
is a renowned musician, cultural promoter and executive director of T2F. He is also a pioneer of contemporary Sufi music in Pakistan and an interpreter of Sufi kalaam for younger audiences.

Manal Khan: is a graduate of Media Science from IOBM with major in film and minor in Journalism. A digital copywriter turned Journalist, Manal documents Karachi in photos, videos and in words. While working for the Herald, Manal published an article exploring the culture of mind altering drugs in Pakistan.

Ahmer Naqvi: is a freelance writer and journalist. His work covers pop culture in Pakistan. He tweets as @karachikhatmal

Liaquat Ilyas: is the CEO of The Healing Home. The Healing Home is certified in the management and treatment of substance abuse disorder and they are committed to improving people’s lives through emotional freedom in a safe, secure and a non-judgemental environment.

Bindiya Rana: is an extremely notable figure of the civil society, a transgender activist, former political candidate and one of the primary caretakers of her community. She is the founder and president of the Gender Interactive Alliance (GIA).

About the Organization:
The Higher Cause is a Non-governmental Organization that is devoted to promoting social welfare causes.

Date: Thursday, 15th August 2019
Time: 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Venue: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Rs.100/-
Event Link:

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