The Impact of Pakistan’s Military on Foreign Policy – A Presentation by Dr. Bilal Munshi

The Pakistani Military serves as the primary institutional gatekeeper of state security, and consequently controls the policy process from conceptualization to implementation. Foreign policy is conceptualized and implemented through a securitized perceptual lens. This dynamic has affected Pakistan’s foreign/security policies in particular ways.

Join The Second Floor (T2F) for a presentation by Dr. Bilal Munshi as he highlights these dynamics and the consequent manner in which they affect Pakistan’s foreign policy output.

The Impact of Pakistan’s Military on Foreign Policy - A Presentation by Dr. Bilal Munshi

It is imperative to undertake a detailed critical analysis of the nature and scope of the Pakistani military’s dominance over the policy process. This institutional dominance manifests itself in ways which impact issues of public as well as foreign policy. The prescriptive approaches on Pakistan’s holistic security environment will also be examined keeping in mind the dynamics associated with military control over the policy process.

Dr. Bilal Munshi has a doctoral degree in Politics from Bristol University and has taught civilians as well as serving military officers at the National Defence University in Islamabad. He has expertise in international security dynamics and is currently an Assistant Professor in the Social Sciences Department at the Institute of Business Administration in Karachi.

Date: Thursday, 6th February, 2014
Time: 7:00 pm
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Venue: PeaceNiche | The Second Floor (T2F), 10-C, Sunset Lane 5, Phase 2 Extension, DHA, Karachi

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    Can you please provide a video or slides of his talk?

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