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The INFERNO Challenge at Ginsoy – Extreme Chinese

The INFERNO Challenge at Ginsoy - Extreme Chinese

What is The INFERNO Challenge?

The INFERNO Challenge by Ginsoy is the hottest competition of all times. By the term ‘Hot’, we partially mean it steals the limelight but the main focus is, it is actually HOT, taste-wise! EAT 10 INFERNO wings within 4 minutes or less!!

How to participate?

Believe it or not, we all are foodies! We might have distinguished likes and dislikes but be it food adventures, bloopers, daring stunts or an embarrassing moments, food is somehow linked! All you have to do is share a crazy memorable food adventure of yours, on Ginsoy wall and get your friends to like it. At the same time just inbox Ginsoy your contact number and your entry shall be made.

How would the participants be chosen?

The participants will be chosen on the basis of the creativity of their shared adventure along with the maximum number of likes that post possesses. Team Ginsoy will be announcing the shortlisted candidates who would compete for the actual face-off with the INFERNO WINGS!

Rules of the INFERNO

  • If the wings are not finished within 4 minutes, the participant will automatically disqualify.
  • Water/Liquid consumption during the competition would not be allowed.
  • Participants may quit at any time they wish to do so.
  • The flesh from the wings should be stripped off completely.
  • The participant would be solely responsible in case of any unfavorable reaction of the inferno wings.
  • No Napkins/tissues or other condiments would be allowed.
  • Ginsoy reserves the right to disqualify a participant at any time in case of cheating.

Date: 20th January, 2013
Address: 29-C, Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, Phase 6, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0333-7570534

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