The Joy of Spring Lawn 2014 by Alkaram

The moment all women wait for is summers. However astonishing and awkward it may sound, it is very much true; well true for some women. What is so special about summers that women will talk about nothing but the eminent arrival of this scorching weather?

The anxious waiting period for summers will begin as soon as the first bloom of spring arrives. The quiet winter hush is broken by the chirping sound of the birds and buzzing of the bees; beyond the sounds of nature, the numerous chattering groups of women raise ideas about what is it that is coming and creating such a cacophony before arrival.

Men find the chatter completely nonsensical because they are not women. The women on the other hand will be zone out the surroundings and completely focus on their goals for this summer. Then again what do spring and summer bring to town other than the monsoon rain and the delectable goodness of mangos? Only a woman will know the answer to this benign looking question.

Summer and spring bring with them hordes of fashion for the season- women will pull out all plugs and shop non-stop to be the ones with the best collection. Not such a big revelation? Well consider this argument in favour of the anxious wait by the women: a closet of inappropriate fashion styling could be the social faux pas, one many would remember and remind for years to come. Thus women will pay special attention to the finest detailing about the fashion statements for the season.

Summers means the eminent arrival of the lawn clothing for the year. The hype and buzz created prior to the launches is just enough to set the dominoes in motion. Frantic calls to girlfriends, neighbours, friends and colleagues about the brand launch are made.

A word of praise for the marketing teams who create the lull like there is no other way about this fashion styling but through their brand- the idea and concept is very justified with the quality and design of the material being sold. Alkaram is a household name known by the women for years. It would be fair to say that Alkaram is a tradition passed on from mother to daughter.

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Alkaram will be unveiling its very exquisite collection for the loyal fans; women had better brace themselves because knowing the name and brand for years, what will be unveiled, will be the best collection of the entire season. Ladies and women are advised to cancel all plans and commitments for this launch because it will not be easy to get hold of the designs. This is it, the day when the exquisite launch by Alkaram will clean sweep the war of lawns.


Alkaram The Joy of Spring Lawn 2014 is available in Defence and Clifton at following locations:

  • Alkaram Studio – Emerald Tower, II Talwar, Clifton
  • Alkaram Studio – Dolmen Mall, Clifton

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