The Message Behind DHA Suffa University Logo

DHA Suffa UniversityThe DHA Suffa University logo shows a book symbolizing knowledge giving rise to a shining and brightening sun symbolizing the illuminating effect of knowledge. The book shown in the DSU logo is open, indicating the aspects of accessibility and openness of DHA Suffa University.

DHA Suffa University promotes diversity and opens its doors to all persons regardless of their gender, race, religion and social status. The book being open also signifies an active process of learning where knowledge is continuously acquired and constantly applied to solve the problems of society and produce innovative solutions for tomorrow.

The Sun whose light is depicted in the DSU logo is itself an important symbol being the star of our own solar system and a creation of the Almighty Allah whose importance has been highlighted in the Holy Quran several times. However, the light of the Sun is the more important aspect in the context of the DSU logo. As the sun’s light makes it possible for us to see during the day time and perform all our activities with ease so should the light of knowledge make it possible for us to clearly see the world in the right context and distinguish, and identify, all things that have been made by our Creator.

The Message Behind DHA Suffa University Logo

The two stars on either side of the DSU name signify the vastness of the universe and the complexity of life forms. DSU has been established to fulfill the instructions of Allah to explore his signs in the universe and within ourselves to come to the recognition of Allah’s wisdom and the purpose of human existence.

The two stars also symbolize the two aspects of our existence, the spirit and the soul. DSU believes in striking a balance between these two aspects. DSU promotes a world-view that we need to avoid extremism and strike a balance between material progress and spiritual development.

The DSU logo also contains the DSU slogan “Learn to Discover”. This slogan embodies two of the core values of DHA Suffa University, “Learning” and “Discovery”. The first core value is that of learning. DSU is a university where the core business is learning and acquiring knowledge. During the process of learning human faculties of curiosity, understanding and communication are fully activated.

Furthermore, the spirit of curiosity forces the human mind to find reasons for why, and how, things happen in the natural world as they do. This leads to an effort for discovery or research for finding answers to the infinitely many questions that arise from observation of the natural world. Discovery or research is only possible after some learning has taken place. Discovery may need quantitative and qualitative analytical skills which are developed in the students as part of learning process at DSU.

[via DSU website].

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