The Owl’s Nest – Nest is Where the Owl is!

Hey moms out there! How you doin’? Can you imagine a dining place where you can go with your kids, leave them to play hard in someone else’s supervision and enjoy a cup of coffee and mozzarella sticks all by yourself? Sounds too good to be true, right? WRONG! Because this imaginary heaven has now assumed reality this year in the form of THE OWL’S NEST in phase 6.

Giving an appearance of a mysterious Diagon Alley-like apothecary from the outside, this two storey building instantly grabs one’s attention in an inviting way. Once you step inside, the design and color contrasts make you want to run around laughing at the top of your voice. The place is all kids’ oriented. From arty wall papers to vibrant colors and the owl’s nest theme inserted here and there, it can easily become any child’s dream (and parents’ too).you only have to pay some charges and the fun is yours.

There are two play areas – one on each floor. The area on the ground floor is divided in a water-based play and random activities. The kids are given aprons to avoid splashing their clothes. There is a long open tube like structure filled with water and all kinds of buckets, toy turbines, animals and spouts. On the other side are sensory play boards, magnetic alphabets-on-the-mirror, sand play and builder’s spot. Kids can wear actual builder caps so they can feel like real builders.

The first floor is themed like a tree house with a faux grass spread. It is designated for playing with blocks and toy cars. The children are supervised by professionals and parents can also be present in play areas after being charged with a fee. Apart from that, clear instructions are painted on wooden boards. Oh, and there is also a shelf full of kids’ books if they just want to sit down. The owners of the place organize read aloud sessions for kids and have recently started a kids Art Club.

You will be more amazed to know that there is also a baby changing and feeding room. Yes, at a restaurant.

The menu for kids is separate from adults and has burgers, nuggets and fish n chips. They also have milkshakes and fresh juices for healthier options. The adult menu has breakfast (full English and Pakistani omelette as examples) and light snacks and beverages. Basically it is a relaxing spot for otherwise exhausted mothers.

You should remember that place if your kid’s birthday is on the way and you want it to be grand. The theme parties here are jaw dropping — they are that awesome.

Your visit is bound to be a super enjoyable affair. And at the end of the day, the glowing faces of our loved ones is all that matters.

Address: 6-C, Nishat Commercial Area, Lane 3, Phase 6 DHA Karachi, Pakistan.
Contact number: 0322 2261824


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