“The Prophets of Allah – Their Lives & Timeless Lessons” Course at AlKauthar Institute

The Prophets of Allah - Their Lives & Timeless Lessons Course at AlKauthar Institute Clifton Karachi

“Indeed in their stories, there are lessons for men of understanding.” Surah Yousuf (12:111)

AlKauthar Institute is organizing a 2 day course about “The Prophets of Allah – Their Lives & Timeless Lessons” on 7th and 8th December 2013 . Study the lives of those chosen by Allah whose stories, mentioned in the Qur’an are replete with lessons for all to reflect upon. For the betterment of conduct, beautification of character & to follow in their footsteps. Course Instructor is Sheikh Abu Abdissalam.

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In this course you will learn about:

  • The Prophet was commanded by Allah to relate the stories of the Prophets
  • The Prophetic stories are for contemplation and deep reflection
  • It increases our love for hte Prophets as role models and connects us to their legacy
  • It helps us to appreciate challenges to the message of the Prophets
  • It gives us hope and confidence in the message they all came with
  • The lives of the Prophets provide a methodology for presenting Islam to others
  • Every Muslim should be familiar with the Prophets and be able to share with future generations

Each one of us is a unique and distinct piece that connects to a larger jigsaw puzzle. What knits us together is our common heritage. The Prophets of Allah illustrates the lives of real men who were chosen by Allah as examples for us all: Young/ Old, Healthy/Sick, Rich/Poor, Free/Detained, Loved/Hated. This course will bring life to the stories we all know and love and strengthen our connection to the One who created us all. Be inspired to make your own mark and take control of your future by learning from lessons of the past.

This course will cover:

  • Adam: The Original Man!
  • Nuh: Perseverance in Da’wah
  • Hud: Living Among the People of Ad
  • Salih: Thamud’s Plot to Kill the She Camel
  • Ibrahim: The Khalil of Allah
  • Ismail: Safa, Marwa and the Spring of Zamzam
  • Ishaq: A Bundle of Joy to a Barren Mother
  • Lut: In the Company of Angels and Campaigning Against Sodomy
  • Yaqub: Raising 13 Children
  • Yusuf: From Prison to Parliament
  • Shuaib: The Destruction of Madyan
  • Dhun Nun: Yunus and the Whale
  • Ayyub: Patience & Gratitude
  • Musa & Firawn: One on One!
  • Dawud and Goliath: A True Legend
  • Sulayman: Commander of the Jinn
  • Zakariyya: Guardian of Maryam
  • Yayha: Campaign against Incest
  • Issa: Miracle after Miracle, from Birth to Ascent

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