The Recovery House – World Mental Health Day 2018

The Recovery House – A project of Caravan of Life Pakistan Trust is always working to bring the focus to Mental Health: Rehabilitation, Recovery & Hope. They have put together a two hours seminar addressing the theme of World Mental Health Day 2018: “Young People and Mental health in Changing World”. They hope, this will open the door to an interactive conversation between their experts in panel discussion.

THEY ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER & for RECOVERY to take hold on the mental health of our young generation in this highly challenging society due to social media, societal attitude towards substance use, self-stigma, interpersonal violence, healthcare disengagement of adolescents, competitive educational system and last but not the least, the political change. They believe, COLLABORATION of all the stakeholders will be the way to move forward. Each of you in the field of providing services bring tremendous value through your experience & will add great value by sharing of your thoughts & ideas .Those on the receiving end of services add value by sharing your expectations of services for your family members. Please join us in participating in this seminar.

Share the information with those you feel will contribute to it or will benefit from attending this.

They look forward to seeing you at the event.

Event Name: The Recovery House – World Mental Health Day 2018
Venue: Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi
Date: 11 October, 2018
Time: 4:30 pm
Event Page:

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