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Eating out should be a treat for the body and mind as well- the prime time to relax and unwind in without the worry of any daily routines or busy schedules. Some time or most of the time after a hectic work week, people look forward to some quiet ‘me-time’; an entire span of time specifically to sit back and do what the heart desires and that which relaxes the mind.

Best Spa and Salons in DHA Karachi & Clifton

‘Me-time’ could entail any activity- something simple as reading a book with a mug of coffee or gardening in the evening. Quite a few people love to be pampered or reward themselves for work done well or just to relax- it is most probably the best treatment one can get. Work out is not just beneficial for the health, it is also a great way to de-stress- it has the tendency to loosen up the stiff muscles.

But the million dollar question is- how does one manage or salvage the time out of this bustling schedule to make a dash for the spas and salons? This query applies to the men and women alike. Thus it is this one reason why people who work or housewives for that matter tend to burn out so soon.

The behavior becomes rather erratic and negative, making the simplest of the tasks a challenge in itself. For all such crazy work days or weeks for that matter, a good day at the spa or gym is recommended- have someone from the family look after the kids for an afternoon while you make your way to get some of that ‘Me-time’.

Step two of the process for getting some decent ‘me-time’ is to pick a great salon offering a good package or a gym with ample amenities. Even though the number of salons advertised for are numerous- the services are shabby and out of place, not only are these salons and gym dirty, no special care is given to the hygiene.

The Retreat - Salon, Health Club & Cafe - Clifton Karachi

This ‘me-time’ may cost a lot more if an allergy sticks, thus a wise decision is to pay the premium price at a known place so that the amenities are safe and hygienic. With this thought in mind and without further dilly-dallying- look no further than The Retreat.

Address: D-2, Block 2, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35371700-3

The services being offered are: spa & sauna, salon, gymnasium and a health club. The Retreat offers packages pertaining to different time periods such as those for daily, three months, six months or those for a year.

At The Retreat, the comfort and hygiene for the clients is ensured first. Even though the pricing maybe slightly on the steeper side, but the services being offered are par excellence and in competition with those being served abroad. The comfort provided is just what the mad doctor ordered after a hectic week. Ring up and call up for an appointment, sign up for the packages and enjoy the royal treatment non-stop.

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    kindly send me the fee structure for the gym and swimming

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