“The Return” – Seminar on Mysteries of Death & Life in Grave

“The Return” - Seminar on Mysteries of Death & Life in Grave

Death is a topic, not many people like to talk about because of its certainty for everyone! In this era where the world is obsessed with disputes and disagreement but there remains a fact, undisputed and accepted by everyone, the fact that death is imminent and inevitable. Every soul must taste death; nobody is spared from the grip of Death.

We all are well aware of the fact that we are all going to die someday but it is very less that we know about. Have you ever wondered what happens when we die and is there really life after Death? Do you ever find yourself searching for the answers to these questions?

You will find the answers to these questions and much more at the course “The Return”. Join Ustadh Kashif Naseem Dilkusha as he opens a viewer’s eye to the reality of death and learn to prepare yourself for a blissful ending!

About the Instructor:

Ustadh Kashif Naseem is the founding member, lead instructor and the Project Head of Azãn. His energy and passion for teaching is extremely evident in his style and approach. Students know him well for his heartfelt care for their well-being and growth in studying. He emanates a calm, gentle and caring behavior that welcomes students to ask questions with awe and respect.

He also heads Mushkeeza which is a non-government organization and is a valuable member of his family business setup. At present, Kashif is keenly involved with various Da’wah projects and activities held in Karachi. These projects and activities include LiveDeen, delivery of Friday Khutbahs and lectures at numerous Masajids and other social gatherings. He is also the Ameer of AlKauthar Institute-Karachi. His articles have been published in www.muslimmatters.org.

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