The Riding Hood Bakery – Chocofiesta Wedding Cakes!

Cakes mark the celebration for every auspicious event- Birthdays, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Weddings or Engagements. A celebration seems fairly incomplete without a cake now. Whenever a cake is needed urgently, people tend to go to the nearest bakery and grab one. It is quick, simple and easy on the pocket too.

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Cakes bought are usually available in the traditional flavours of fudge, death by chocolate, mocha or a cheese cake- though they are supreme in flavour, they are not fit for the once in a life time special occasions. For such glorious life changing moments a specially customized cake crafted to perfection is the perfect solution.

Now consider a wedding, when cakes have become an essential custom and an entire ceremony follows; an ordinary bakery cake will not suffice. It is after all the most important day in the life of the couple. For that extra oomph and glamour in cakes, one will have to think outside the box; think along the lines of extraordinary creations which are catered as per the need which further makes those more exquisite and high end. Such a creation is just the cake for a superb wedding. Couples who wish to spend lavish sums without the additional guilt will be happy when they read on about what is yet to be told.

The Riding Hood Bakery - DHA KarachiVoila! This is The Riding Hood Bakery located in Phase V, DHA Karachi. In a short span of time, this quaint little bakery has carved a niche for itself; standing its ground on the quality of the premium imported chocolates from which cakes are made.

The practice of this ideology of creating cakes with premium imported chocolates is the reason to the bakery’s unique selling point.

Address: 23-C, Shop # 7, Stadium Lane 2, Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Phase V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35240859, 021-35248621, 0301-8221933, 0300-2197053

As far as the galore of the wedding cakes are concerned, couples will find themselves in the aphrodisiac world of chocolates. Every bit, nook and cranny of this quaint bakery smells of chocolates, invoking mind numbing senses. The mouthwatering chocolate delights will lure even the most rigid clients. The cupcakes, muffins, pops will distract any one- be it an adult or children. Lest we get carried away with the thoughts about these little goodies, the focus should always be on the wedding cake.

Samples for wedding cake designs available at Red Riding Hood Bakery are astoundingly beautiful. Each layer is evenly toned with the perfect craftsmanship and decorated with a choice of floral or pattern designs. In case the couple has a design of their own they would like, it can be replicated to perfection.

If the couple has yet to think up of designs or themes which they would like on their cakes, the best strategy is to trust the team at The Riding Hood Bakery. Wedding cakes booked at the Red Riding Hood Bakery will be executed professionally, exactly how they were imagined by the couple

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