The Riding Hood Bakery – Going A Mile Ahead!

A happy occasion in life deserves special preparation and set up, most essentially a sweet item to celebrate. The idea of a happy occasion without a sweet seems like a day without shine or maybe a dull gloomy grey winter morning.

Best Sweets & Bakers in DHA Karachi & Clifton

There has got to be a sweet item because somehow, we have come to accustom sweets with the prospect of happiness. It could be a baby shower, celebrations for someone’s pilgrimage or at the least to welcome new neighbors; sweets are perfect for the occasion.

But the big question arises as to which kind of sweets? Should it be a box of desi meethai or a box of assorted pastries? Once after the numerous suggestions and constant reverting back forth, a consensus is reached. Sigh of relief? Not yet, where to buy from is the next step. A million questions for such a simple task of buying a box of sweets.

The Riding Hood Bakery - DHA Karachi

In this very context, a luscious glossy chocolate cake from the best bakers in town will satisfy cravings and fulfill its purpose of being the best give away. The Riding Hood Bakery is well-known throughout the city for its exquisite to-die-for goodness chocolate master pieces.

Address: 23-C, Shop # 7, Stadium Lane 2, Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Phase V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35240859, 021-35248621, 0301-8221933, 0300-2197053

Each cake is a work of art, made from scratch from the finest ingredients around. The fan following and customer reviews about the cakes from The Riding Hood Bakery have been consistently on the rise towards a positive note, right from the day the bakery first opened its doors. With the care and effort that goes into making these chocolate marvels, the praise and affection for this place is well-deserved. The new gust of savory authentic Italian Pizza’s will wow the palate- rest assured; pizzas from elsewhere will never taste right.

In all, The Riding Hood Bakery leaves the customers stunned with the amazing food experience, leaving them wanting for more and coming back again and again. If the delicacies and delicious savories from The Riding Hood Bakery are ever desired at an hour when the means of transport are not available, it will be a moment of pure sadness.

The Riding Hood Bakery - DHA Karachi

To keep the customers happy and fulfilled with delights from their favourite store, the Riding Hood Bakery now offers online ordering services, wherein the customers can pay the amount online by creating a Skrill account. A hassle free way to enjoy the delights, all that needs to be done is to get online, create an account, pay and within a matter of time, the delicious savory or sweets will be on the doorstep.

The Riding Hood Bakery - DHA Karachi

Orders for cakes can be placed online as well. This move by the Riding Hood Bakery proves the willingness to serve and retain the customers in the best and most hassle free way possible. It is without doubts that The Riding Hood Bakery online ordering service is the modern and easy way to keep the business running with the customers comfort and ease being placed first.

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